quinta-feira, 29 de julho de 2010

Airsoft Soldier: Rumours of our demiseArniesAirsoft News

imageAirsoft Soldier want to set the record straight after hearing some surprising rumours about themselves:

Apparently "somebody" is spreading the rumour around the UK airsoft market that Airsoft Soldier has gone out of business.  Their action is not only devious, underhanded and immoral – it is also untrue.  Airsoft Soldier is very much alive and kicking and working on the next issue.  We are also still the only official media partner of the UK Airsoft Arms Fair taking place on the 16th of October.

Meanwhile, retailers can still order copies of the magazine through our dedicated online system at www.airsoft-soldier.com/dealers, and individual copies can also still be bought through our website: www.airsoft-soldier.com

"Airsoft Soldier – not the biggest, just the best."

(Airsoft Soldier)

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