terça-feira, 25 de maio de 2010

JG M4 GBB’s at eHobbyAsia

eHobbyAsia have some exciting news:

HOT! omg omg omg!!!!…. We have acquire a few boxs of JG M4 GBB’s. Please note, this is NOT a re-release! So for those of you that understand what this opportunity is. Gett’em while you still can! And forgive me if I liberate one myself.

jg-gbb-mc6604_1_mark.jpgJing Gong M4A1 Gas Blow Back Rifle.

  • Light Weight Version (500g lighter than others GBB M4A1)

  • Functional Metal Bolt Carrier

  • Enjoy the Gas Blow Back M4 with low price!!

  • Replica of WA M4 Gas Blowback Mechanism

  • Light Weight Body & Magazine Construction (With Marking)

  • Over 400FPS Velocity Muzzle

  • Functional Metal Bolt Carrier – bolt stops when magazine is empty just like a real steel

  • Extendable Stock

  • jg-gbb-mc6604_5_mark.jpgLight Weighted Metal Gas Operated Magazine

  • 50 round loading capacity (Compatible with Wa type M4 Gas Magazine)

  • Detachable carry handle reveals a weaver rail (20mm) for any scope or red dot sight

  • Adjustable HOPUP

  • Aluminum Made 14mm Counter-Clockwise Flash Hider

  • Sling mount can be installed with any single, 2- or 3- point tactical sling

Also available for a limited time only, but again, NOT a re-release.

ARMY R85A1 Blow Back Airsoft AEG & Jing Gong SR-25K Full Metal Airsoft AEG


One still has hope that these models will someday return to production. But latterly it seems there could be a greater chance that these are the last of their lines.


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