quinta-feira, 15 de abril de 2010

Deep Fire M4 7 inch MRF-C-Carbine

Titanium! That's what this new Deep Fire baby has, which costs US$415 at RedWolf Airsoft... "Featuring a full Titanium standard torque gear set gearbox this Deep Fire M4 has been fitted with a 7 inch MRF (Modular Railed Forend), a 4 position telescopic butt stock, an ergonomically comfortable pistol grip, as well as a medieval style steel flash hider.

The flip up rear sight is removable revealing an integrated 20mm rail for the attachment of your preferred optics and accessories. The outer barrel is X inches long making this a Y length M4.

This version includes Deep Fire's hop-up unit similar in design to SYSTEMA's PTW style hop-up. It takes PTW style barrels instead of regular AEG barrels and is adjusted by allen key via the hex screw inside the magwell. This system provides a more stable flight path for the bb ensuring you get your hits at further range in addition to being very stable giving you the confidence to shoot time and time again with minimal chance of the hop-up slipping out of position."

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