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Airsoft GI first look at Echo 1’s advanced sniper rifle

A selection of new videos from Airsoft GI:

Hendrix told us that it was coming during his interview, and now it’s here!  The Echo 1 ASR really is a great gun right out of the box, it shoots sniper type velocities ~480FPS and comes with a quick detach bipod and 3 magazines.  This video should cover most of the details:


There have been a lot of new things on GITV recently, and if you haven’t been keeping up here’s your chance to catch up:

KWA Interview:


Behind the Guys:


There’s more, take a look at for the rest!

Restocked Items This week:
G&G GR16 R5
G&G 1” DIA light mount for RAS
G&G G14 simulated wood stock
G&G Mk5 flash hider
G&G AEG m100 spring
G&G Trinity charger
G&G Selector plate Gr25
G&G M14 air seal nozzle
Hatch Knee pad Tan/OD
Bobster sunglasses w/yellow lens
TSD Silicone Gear Grease
TSD SRC mk36 kv stock
TSD SRC M4 aluminum nozzle
TSD SRC 418 long
TSD SRC m4 cqb-sd
CA Silicone wire set for M15 full stock
CA M14 scope mount base
Supercell claymore
Magpul 5.56 od
NC Star 3-9×42 rubber compact with laser/blue
Echo 1 ASR
Well MB03
Well MB01A
Well MB01B
Well MB07B
ICS M4 polymer body
Kalashnikov AKM
Taurus pt92 gas pistol
Sig Sauer P210
S&W M&P co2 pistol
Sig Sauer GSR CO2 Pistol
S&W spring shotgun
Desert Eagle Silver
Desert Eagle spring pistol kit black
S&W M300 full stock full metal shot gun

Best Regards, Tim Seargeant (Airsoft GI)

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