sábado, 24 de abril de 2010

G&G M14 H.B.A. EBR Long Version

Long version of the G&G M14 EBR now at eHobby Asia... "1/1 Scale High Performance Assembled Electric Powered Airsoft AEG, featuring both SEMI & FULLY Automatic Shooting Mode. It sports a high level of construction & finishing by G&G Armament (Taiwan) with a CNC-milled Aluminum body & barrel assembly. Furthermore, it has reinforced barrel stabilization, extended buttstock with an adjustable plastic cheek piece that provide comfort when handling.

The rotary bolt handle allow opening the bolt cover simulating the real gun movement. Also with functional bolt and Catch/Release and Nylon Fiber Handguard store up to 9.6V Twins Type (Large Timaya Plug) Rechargeable Battery.


  • Mock Flash Suppressor

  • Mock Gas Cylinder

  • Adjustable Hop-up (Pulling the bolt handle, Hop-Up Dial is located inside)

  • Adjustable Rear Sight

  • Steel Trigger & Trigger Guard

  • Retractable Stock (extendable 6 Position Length + adjustable 9 Position Cheek Piece height) - Using the included fake/dummy bullet round tip to unlock plunger

  • Hi-Cap 470 rounds Metal Magazine

  • Aluminum made Rail System Handguard (11inch Top Rail)

  • Steel Rear Sling Swivel

  • 25000 rpm High torque motor

Fully upgradeable Version 7 marui compatible gearbox

Sling mount can be installed with any single, 2- or 3- point tactical sling"

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