sexta-feira, 30 de abril de 2010

G&P New Products this week

Latest products from G&P Industrial Products Limited as sent in by their webmaster last week. This is now a long list with a new M4A1 metal body with laser markings, Western Arms GBB-R assemly parts, and they are taking pre-orders on their Deluxe M4A1 and Deluxe Sentry with Magpul accessories,. Check with your retailer when they are going to have these in stock.

GP-MEB001   M4A1 Metal Body (Laser Marking)

WP150A  WA Assemble Parts (Full Set)

WP150B  WA Assemble Parts (Frame Set)

GP-DXE001   Deluxe M4A1

GP-DXE002   Deluxe Sentry (Magpul)

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