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CQB Radio: Episode 13 - Raining Like Mad

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CQB Radio: Episode 13 - Raining Like Mad
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CQB Radio: Episode 13 - Raining Like Mad
- Introduction and Welcome
- Word on The Street: Ops in New England
- Assessment: Reviews of CA's LWRC, ACM M500 gas shotty, G17 from KSC
- Assesment Part 2: 2 M203 shells (EGO and S-Thunder)
- Tricks of the Trade: Dave from
- Loadout: Condor Softshell jacket, AMP red dot, Magpul AFG and UTG rails, and a 553 sight.
- Dr. Airsoft: Interview about eye safety
- Retailer Review: Airsoft Accessories Supply on EBay
- Just In: AirsoftReviewer1 with some new items to the airsoft world
- Closing
Keep on firin',

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