segunda-feira, 12 de abril de 2010

Battletac Real-Time GPS Tracking Now on iPhone and Android

A great upgrade from Battletac, as now you can use their real time GPS tracking system on smartphones which will give you a better experience at coordinating your team in airsoft skirmishes.. BattleTac, the airsoft GPS tracker is now available on the iPhone and Android! Using BattleTac you will always know where you and your comrads are on the map as they are moving. So, BattleTac gives you essential information to make better tactical decisions.

The first public beta features custom airsoft maps, Google satellite imagery, live tracking of friendly units and secure command delivery. It is also compatible with the whole BattleTac network including Commander, the first BattleTac device.

More information on the site:

Krisztián Schäffer


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