quinta-feira, 15 de abril de 2010

April edition of Recon-Rag now live

image[3]Check out the latest issue of free online magazine Recon-Rag now:

The April edition of Recon-Rag is Now live

And yes it’s still completely FREE!

  • G&G Scar CQC Review

  • Hexagon H-Bar Conversion

  • SRC AK47 Spetz Review

  • Long term review of GR-16

  • Eyewear – Showdown

  • SRC – ROC T91 Review

  • Infant-ry Report

  • Frenchie’s News from the front

  • Duncan’s Tech corner

  • KWA KP45 Match Review

  • 60sec Review

  • My Favourite Scene

  • Acog Vs Susat

  • NOOB guide to airsoft – part A

  • G&G Gr15-Raider-L Review

  • Gadgets and games

  • Exclusive – Guns to games report

  • MOA-Site Review

  • Spot the sniper

Special thanks to Nicolas Easter – Stephen Pringle – Micheal Edmond – George whitcroft – Chris bell and Duncan Whyte and the lovely Mellissa Marshall MMMmmmmmmm


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