quarta-feira, 7 de abril de 2010

Western Arms SV Infinity Miami Tiki

Better have that Testarossa and Espadrilles ready when you get this airsoft pistol from RedWolf Airsoft (though this was used in the movie not the TV series)... "Shibuya Custom Works brings us the tiny SVI TIKI-T sidearm, perfect for covert operations or conceal carry applications as seen being used by Crockett in the 2006 Miami Vice movie. The Real Steel Tiki-T is a custom made concealable sidearm made by SVI, this unique looking pistol is ranked amongst the elites in the custom concealable sidearms registry.

Unlike traditional pistols, the TIKI-T features an extremely low profile utilizing the unique four-dot sights system. Hidden in deep pockets and viewable only by the operator along channels from the rear of the slide to the front, these Ergonomically positioned sights are placed in the operator's optimal focal point. A center channel from the rear to the front of the slide to the muzzle is the daylight sighting system that ensures instant target acquisition with a wide viewing area.

The WA SCW SVI TIKI-T features a polymer frame with a polymer slide all in a silver finish, weighted nicely, it produces minimal recoil per shot with a distinct noise. The SCW TIKI-T is capable of firing its entire load of 15rds consistently at 200fps. Though at the lower range of power, slight modifications can be made with existing WA/SCW parts (Not Included) to up the power to a skirmish-able level. "

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