terça-feira, 13 de abril de 2010

G&P New Products

Been quite a while since we last hear fromm G&P Industrial Products Limited. Their webmaster sent us their latest product updates with new parts for the M4 airsoft rifle, and also the Western Arms gas blowback rifles. Also included here are accessories and the Bomber SR16 E3 rifles. Check with your retailers if they already have these in stock. Surprisingly, they are also making some automotive parts now, which we did not post here, since we're mainly more interested in the airsoft part.

GP765   SR16 E3 Steel Outer Barrel

GP882S   Fire Pig Metal Body (MUR) (Sand)

GP960   M4 Steel Trigger

WP142   WA Bolt Buffer

WP143   WA XM177E1 Handguard Kit

WP144   WA M733 Handguard Kit

WP145   WA M653 Handguard Kit

WP146   WA M16A1 Handguard Kit

WP147   WA M16VN Handguard Kit

WP148   WA SR16 E3 Steel Outer Barrel

BM-GBB13   Bomber SR16 E3 (Shorty)

BM-GBB14   Bomber SR16 E3

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