quarta-feira, 24 de março de 2010

Airsoft Surgeon Special Custom Single Stack Open Class

This is sweet, but will set you back by US$1,436 when you get it at RedWolf Airsoft... "Airsoft Surgeon's Special Custom Single Stack Open Class is an all silver TM MEU based competition pistol. This creation comes with absolutely stunning authentic Monster Grips, Springfield marked silver polished frame, Brazos Custom Pro Sx Limited Edition Ported and compensated slide and fixed barrel set featuring a cocking handle on the right side of the slide.

Mounted to the frame is a gray RD Dynamic C-More reflex sight, matching the color of the gun and providing a crisp, clear dot for rapid target acquisition and aiming, with an Airsoft Surgeon C-More Scope Mount in silver.

More subtle features on this gun that really make it stand apart from your average race pistol are the custom hammer, chromed slide stop, and burnished magwell.

Firing this quicksilver beauty is indeed an amazing experience. With Airsoft Surgeon's quality installation of parts and the amazing care that has gone into making everything fit together perfectly, there is little to no noticeable play on any of the parts. The Airsoft Surgeon custom made internal components make the trigger pull light and crisp and the slide action snappy. Buffers have been installed on the spring guide to shorten the stoke and quicken the firing cycle.

A single stack 1911 with Monster Grips makes this Airsoft Surgeon piece a more eccentric animal of it's class, an ideal choice for the competitor looking to spice up his shooting. "

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