sábado, 13 de março de 2010

IWA & Outdoor Classics 2010 Day 2

The second day was a bit busier than the first or maybe I was a bit dizzy by the German beer after going out with Whistler of SRC after the first day was concluded. There's still a lot of people on the second day and no signs of the event peaking yet. I took time to check out what King Arms through X Guns of Denmark presented at the booth. King Arms and their European distributor are sharing a booth in Hall #3 at IWA. X Guns not only carries KA products but they also have G&G, Magpul, Ares and TM (handguns only). 

They were still unboxing new goodies because some boxes were held up at by the German customs agents. One of these boxes were holding a gas blowback rifle M4 made by King Arms. X Gun representatives stated that the M4 is based on the Western Arms M4 Gas Blowback Rifle  so magazines and internal parts are compatible with aftermarket parts. The European version will be calibrated to 330 fps using green gas but tuning them won’t be an issue if they are in fact compatible with WA ones. 

How about some handy and practical Zombie exterminator? Yep, a sawed-off M79 is coming your way very shortly. So as the AK grenade launcher. Both of these are very good in quality but unfortunately I wasn’t able to try them.

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