quarta-feira, 17 de março de 2010

CQB Radio: Ep. 12 is out

News from airsoft media- this time, CQB Radio, news courtesy of Carp:Hey Airsofters, CQB Radio, Episode 12 is out. Check it out on iTunes and at www.cqbradio.libsyn.com.CQB Radio: Episode 12 - I’ve Seen The Light…- Assessment: SIG 556, SOCOM SOF M9, G Masada, KJW P226, - Tricks of the Trade: Tony from North Atlantic Airsoft Expo - Loadout: AMP Rifle light, UTG Pistol light, 2 red dots, and multicam - Dr. Airsoft talks about laser safety - Retailer Review with Rick of Airsoft Station - Just In: New items to the airsoft market Download and enjoy.Keep on firin’, Carp

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