terça-feira, 30 de março de 2010

Inokatsu Continues The Tradition of Girls And Guns, And Doesn’t Disappoint [ NSFW ]

Inokatsu has a history of draping it’s guns in gorgeous scantily clad women or is it the other way round, draping it’s scantily clad women in guns. Either way, nobody’s complaining as Inokatsu releases a new round of promotional posters featuring Inokatsu’s range of 2010 WA M4 accessories and upgrades.

I’d link to the product pages but to be honest, the Inokatsu website is a navigational mess and all the information and specs available are only on the below posters. In some workplaces these may be NSFW, so proceed with caution. Enjoy. )

Inokatsu MW02 M4 Barrel Set Inokatsu MW04 M4 Sliding Buttstock Set Inokatsu MW06 M4 Fire Control System Inokatsu MW07 WA M4 Forging Receiver Set Inokatsu MW08 Super Bolt Inokatsu WA M4 RAS Rail System Set

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