domingo, 14 de março de 2010

WETTI XM-177 Gas Blowback Prototype

Another prototype has risen from the bowels of WE Research and Development via, the Vietnam era XM-177. I can’t tell from the angle if it has a forward assist so it may be the E1 model but certainly not theImage2 E2 as it’s a 10" barrel configuration.

Like the previous WE prototype articles, this XM-177 seems to be fairly accurate in its representation of the Vietnam era AR-15. Like my wishes for the WE M16A1 VN, I hope WE adopts the subtle design differences of the XM-177 by using a slim handguard and a non-tapered delta ring in the finished version. From the angle it’s unclear if WE will be using their new Open Bolt blowback system but it seems to be popping up in all the latest prototypes so I’d expect it. On with the pics.


p1030713 p1030714w p1030715f p1030716o

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