sábado, 27 de fevereiro de 2010

Airsoft Surgeon Tiger Cat Two-Tone Airsoft Pistol

Practical shooters can salivate over this Airsoft Surgeon Tiger Cat at RedWolf Airsoft, and it costs over a grand... "This high performance Open Class ISPC pistol is another great piece of work from Airsoft Surgeon master gunsmith Clarence Lai. Starting out as a Marui Hi-Capa gas blowback pistol, this Open Class TigerCat custom is a heavily tuned and modified race gun with CNC 6065 Aluminum slide and custom compensator. The custom compensator is truly unique in design with multiple ports. 

Fine grooves from careful milling grace the front of the compensator that creates a nice contrast against the shiny side of the slide. Specially carved grooves make handling the slide easy. A super light cocking handle makes reloading super quick so you can lower your time! Custom magazine well has matching grooved finishing consistent with the theme of the gun. Finished in dual tone, this custom pistol is extremely eye catching. High performance scope rail houses a race-ready red dot sight for fast target acquisition. Custom hammer, PDI precision barrel and a host of other high performance parts make this a very fast gun.

A shock buffer prevents the slide from locking back to reduce cycling distance so that you can rapid fire off shots quicker than a standard gun (you can remove the shock buffer if you wish to have the slide lock back but professional IPSC shooters count their shots and know when they are out). Cracking out 360fps on a 0.2g BB, the gun is VERY crisp and the trigger loading is tuned just right to allow you to fire about 3-4 shots per second if you are fast. The slide cycles so fast that you cannot see it with the naked eye, though the crisp kick in your hand tells you that you've fired off the shot. The Tiger Cat feels like a precision instrument (and by all measure, it is). For the truly passionate shooter who wants the sharpest knife in the drawer!"

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