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AST Recoil test GHK G5 VS RA custom G5..

KWA Sit Rep. What exactly happened with KRISS & HK?

KWA Sit Rep. What exactly happened with KRISS & HK?:
I don't know, really. I'm not a mind reader. What I do know is that KWA is still alive and kicking. For those of you that don't know, at the beginning of this year, Umarex took over the distribution responsibilities for all licensed HK products manufactured by KWA. I don't know the exact details, but what I do know is that it wasn't good for KWA. Then, just the other day, there was a flurry of Facebook posts from several key KWA employees announcing their departure from the US-based division of the company, followed a few days shortly thereafter by the press release from KRISS stating the company has decided to terminate its licensing agreement with KWA for the KRISS Vector and any future projects they may or may not have been working on. Another huge blow and not the good kind either.
So after a week or two of speculating among friends, I finally called KWA and demanded answers about just what the actual was going on and whether or not we'd seen the last or KWA or not. I was assured that it's all good in the hood. KWA is gonna keep on truckin' and has plans to release a few guns very soon.
The first one set for release is said to be the KWA ATP Auto. That's right. A full auto version of the original Adaptive Training Pistol. This one could hit your faces as early as next month.
Next on the priority list is said to be the KWA AKG74 GBBR. This one I'm particularly interested in because I love me some KWA gas blowback rifles, and the AKG74 will mark the first AK gas blowback rifle in their line-up. I've spent quite a bit of time with the various prototypes along the life of their development and I'm certain this will be another fine piece from their product line.
I did, of course, ask about the status of the KWA ERGs ( Electric Recoil Guns), which appeared as if they were about to be launched soon after Shot Show this year, but it does not appear that they're going to be here within the next few months, sadly.
As far as any other guns they're working on, I'm sure they've got stuff they're working on behind closed doors.
For now, just know that they may be staying quiet about all this legal mumbo jumbo, but they haven't gone dark.
As for the KWA KRISS Vector. It sounds as if it may have just become a limited edition item, so you may want to expedite the purchase of yours before they go the way of the Dodo Bird (extinct, you Dodo).
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Pyramyd Airsoft Youtube Channel, Pyramyd Airsoft Facebook Page, Pyramyd Airsoft Blog, Tom Harris Media, Tominator, Airsoft Guns,
Pyramyd Airsoft YouTube Channel

Dytac Combat Series M4 CQBR AEG review

Dytac Combat Series M4 CQBR AEG review:
Nuno from Operator7 Airsoft has been checking out the Dytac M4 CQBR AEG for Popular Airsoft:
I’m on a roll and I would like you to check out my review of a very nice surprise from Dytac: the Combat Series M4 CQBR AEG.

I have been using their entry level AEG for the past four months, and it has proven to be very well built, with quality internals and a some nice upgrades from ASGShop:

(Operator7 Airsoft)

Matrix (Apple Airsoft) RPG-7 40mm Airsoft Launcher

Haley Strategic // Disruptive Environments Chest Rig

Haley Strategic // Disruptive Environments Chest Rig:

The “Disruptive Environments Chest Rig” is Designed and optimized for work in urban, vehicle, rural and other confined settings, the Disruptive Environment Chest Rig was built to be worn as a stand alone system with a detachable H-harness or clipped into a armor platform equipped with a quick release system.


When run as a stand alone, the platform is low profile enough to be worn fully loaded and not print on a normal/loose fit jacket or sweatshirt. When run on a armor platform with a quick release system, such as SwiftClips™, it can be attached or stowed in seconds, giving the end user the versatility to transition from low vis to high vis or vice versa.
The rifle magazine pouches accept AR type magazines as well as AK 7.62 x39mm and 5.45 x 39 magazines. The Multi-Mission Pouches accept 1911, Glock, Sig, M&P, XD and other standard double or single stack pistol magazines, as well as many handheld lights and multi-tools.
The rig intentionally does not include a radio or dedicated full size medical pouch so no matter the posture, essentials such as communications and medical kits can remain on the end user at all times.

When hooked up to an armor platform, the D3 rig maximizes the real estate on the front of a plate carrier, by giving immediate access to 4 long gun magazines and other first line essentials without double stacking mags and pouches. This keeps the end user’s profile slim and maneuverable.

4 fully loaded magazines (M4, M16, AK) with Hypalon® magazine retention tabs2 Multi-Mission Pouches with Hypalon® magazine retention tabs.

Fits standard double and single stack pistol magazines as well as other equipment including flashlights and multi-tools

2 flapped GP pouches

Strobes, tools and other equipment
1 STUFFIT™ pouch

Expandable to hold smoke grenades and electronics or compress down to near flat
500D Construction
Made in the USA
SwiftClip™ is Velocity Systems new Patent Pending attachment system that allows auxiliary equipment (Chest Rigs, Med Bags, E&E Bags, etc.) to swiftly clip on or off your base component whether it be your Armor Vest, Plate Carrier or LBV.

Travis introduces the new HSP Softgoods line and showcases the D3 Chest Rig.


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LCT M4 R.I.S Electric Blowback Breakdown | Fox Airsoft

KRISS Arms terminates licensing with KWA

KRISS Arms terminates licensing with KWA:
imageAccording to KRISS’s website KWA are no longer working with them.
There’s speculation as ever, including that the marketing director of KWA USA left to work for KRISS Arms, but all that’s officially known is what’s below (source):
KRISS Arms terminates exclusive Trademark Licensing with KWA
    Nyon, Switzerland – 18.04.2013 – KRISS Arms, the Swiss global leader in firearms innovation, announces the termination of its exclusive trademark licensing with KWA. This termination affects all current and future KRISS airsoft projects, including the popular KRISS Vector SMG GBB and upcoming AEG version.
    KRISS Arms will also be actively pursuing any infringements of its patents and trademarks worldwide, including unauthorized manufacturing and distribution of KRISS product replicas.
    As part of its strong commitment and support to the Milsim and professional training community, KRISS Arms will be seeking for new innovative partners in the airsoft industry to market its current and upcoming airsoft products.
    About KRISS Arms
    KRISS® Arms, an innovative Swiss-based group, delivers proprietary technologies to the firearms industry enabling more efficient solutions, corresponding to the 21st century requirements for the global law enforcement, military and civilian markets. KRISS is headquartered in Switzerland, with production and operations in Switzerland, as well as in Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA.
    Media inquiries please contact:
    Press Officer
    +41 22 365 67 24
    (KRISS Arms)
    This may well mean that KWA stocks of the VECTOR will disappear quickly, so you may wish to consider buying one while you can. Of note is that KRISS state they will go after unauthorised copies and are looking for a new airsoft company to work with. There’s a thread about this in the forums.

    KRISS Arms Terminates Licensing with KWA

    KRISS Arms Terminates Licensing with KWA:
    KRISS Vector
    It's finally confirmed with this press release from KRISS Arms.  We have been hearing rumours of some problems between KWA and KRISS Arms for some weeks and tried to reach the parties but there have been no public confirmation until a few minutes ago. As someone who mentioned it to us previously, the KWA KRISS Vector GBB will be "rarest airsoft gun ever in a few months..."
    KRISS Arms terminates exclusive Trademark Licensing with KWA

    Madbull // dummy AK airsoft suppressors

    Madbull // dummy AK airsoft suppressors:

    MADBULL presents two new “dummy AK airsoft suppressors” on their website.

    Details: 1X PBS-01 Barrel Extension
    The PBS-01 (Pribor Besshumnoy Stryelbiy = Device for Noiseless Shooting) is a high-grade, high-quality 14mm thread barrel extension built for the AK platform. It is constructed out of a solid aluminum and features a pyramid textured grip that surrounds 90% of the barrel’s surface. This allows for easy of removal and installation. It’s machined with a matte black finish that seamlessly blends with rifle metal as opposed to a glossy finish. It’s a collectible and practical item for serious player of Russian combat gears as well as airsoft skirmishers.
    Details: 1 x PBS-04 Barrel Extension
    The PBS-04 (Pribor Besshumnoy Stryelbiy = Device for Noiseless Shooting) is a high-grade, high-quality 14mm thread barrel extension built for the AK platform. It is constructed out of a solid aluminum and features a smooth clean ergonomic shape. It’s been machined with a pyramid textured grip at the end of the barrel to allow for easy of removal and installation. The PBS-04 is light weight and extremely durable. It’s machined with a matte black finish that seamlessly blends with rifle metal as opposed to a glossy finish. It’s a collectible and practical item for serious player of Russian combat gears as well as airsoft skirmishers.
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    Hephaestus : New charging Handle For AKS74u

    G&G Video & Photo Contest is coming soon!

    G&G Video & Photo Contest is coming soon!:

    Are you waiting for any news of G&G Video/Photo Contest?

    It’s on the way!
    Follow G&G’s website for coming further detail! Dates and rules will be out at the end of April! Prepare your tools well, be ready for the contest!
    Share this great news with your friends around! Chances are for everyone!

    Watch Extract from G&G Your Greatest Glory 2012:


    Works from Show Yourself 2012 Photo Contest: www.guay2.com/show_yourself/announce
    gg show yourself 2012
    Follow G&G on  -
    Official website: http://www.guay2.com/
    Facebook page(English): http://www.facebook.com/ggarmament
    Facebook page(Français):http://www.facebook.com/pages/GG-Armament-French-Service/404276676310022
    Facebook page(Español): http://www.facebook.com/pages/GG-ARMAMENT/117206011711159


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    A.C.E REVIEW // JJ Airsoft “Silencer”

    A.C.E REVIEW // JJ Airsoft “Silencer”:

    This review is brought to you by A.C.E in cooperation with OPERATOR7.

    Ok, I know, it’s not supposed to be called a silencer. If we as Airsofters wish to be accurate, we should call this a suppressor because in real steel there are no such things as silencers.
    Why? Well simply because there’s still no way to effectively silence a gun. Plus the gun is not the only thing needing of suppressing since bullets travel at sonic levels that will produce a very distinct noise. So to better suppress a gun you’ll need the right ammo and a suppressor too.
    And don’t take my word on this, go ahead and read this article from Guns&Ammo and you’ll see what I mean.
    So any Airsoft silencer from now on should be called a suppressor. First because they really don’t silence your AEG as you’ll see on this review and second, let’s get accurate, there are no such things as gun silencers! In fact, this term was invented by the Hollywood movie making industry, so avoid looking like a fool near your friends and call it by its real name.
    Feature, design and materials:
    As for the JJ Airsoft Suppressor, it’s has a quick detach mechanism and a flash hider included. On the package you’ll find the 14mm counter clockwise thread flash hider, which works with the locking mechanism on the suppressor to lock it into place and avoid it from falling or wobbling around.
    The flash hider seems quite normal, only thing I noticed different is apart from the normal threading for the barrel, there is another threading where the suppressor seems to lock.
    Inside, after removing the suppressor front cap, you’ll find a pretty much standard foam.
    As for the exterior, the suppressor comes with a metal protective cover with drilled holes which can be removed via a small Phillips screw. Once you remove the cover you’ll find a shiny and flush suppressor with

    around 170mm of length.
    In terms of weight it’s quite lightweight and doesn’t add much weight to your AEG, weighing only a mere 240 grams.
    Since its quick detach, it has a very simples system that allows you to remove or install the suppressor in just a few seconds: all you have to do is push the locking mechanism down, slide the suppressor on top of the flash hider, turn it counter clock wise until it stops and then push the locking mechanism up so that it locks the suppressor into place.
    In terms of materials it seems that the suppressor is mainly constructed out of aluminum, hence it’s lightweight. It is quite sturdy and the coating finish is very, very, resistant.
    Performance and sound suppression:
    At first I had two main questions about airsoft suppressors: first would they increase or reduce the performance of your AEG FPS wise, and second would it suppress the sound produced by your AEG when firing.
    And, as you can see from the following video, the suppressor doesn’t add performance to your AEG but it won’t make it lose any FPS. It will also not suppress or reduce any of the noise your AEG makes while firing according to the

    decibel meter I used to read the noise produced by my own gun.


    In sum, this suppressor is very interesting because it’s easy to install and remove, since you can do this in just a few seconds and without any tools, so you can remove it or install it during a game without any problems. Also it includes its own flash hider so you won’t need to use your own.
    After all, this will only be an aesthetic change to your AEG, but it will surely make it look quite cool, and it gives you the possibility to run it with or without the cover which kind of turns it into two different looking suppressors.
    And if you plan on running a longer inner precision barrel, and you don’t want to go through the trouble of getting a new outer barrel and installing it, then perhaps the faster and cheaper way to run this setup, without having your inner barrel stick out of the barrel, would be getting a suppressor like this one!
    The JJ Airsoft suppressor is available in black, costs $34.99 and you can get one at the new JJ Airsoft store:
    • Well-built and lightweight
    • Quick detach
    • Protection cover is also detachable
    • Flash hider included
    • None
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    OPERATOR7 review // A&K MK4 PTW

    OPERATOR7 review // A&K MK4 PTW:

    OPERATOR7 did a new review on the A&K MK4 PTW.
    After much speculation and a very long waiting period the A&K M4 PTW finally came into the Airsoft market, this model is a copy of the 2007 version of Systema’s M4 PTW, according to what has been previously advanced by A&K.
    Read more HERE!



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    Recoil Magazine Issue 6

    Recoil Magazine Issue 6:

    For those looking forward to the latest issue of Recoil Magazine, it’s now available in print and in digital form. Copies are now available at dealers and newsstands recognised by the Publisher… “RECOIL Issue #6 is now available on newsstands and digitally. In Issue #6 you will find an exclusive on the Faxon Firearms ARAK-21 piston upper. Plus, there is an in-depth feature on the Nemesis Vanquish take-down rifle, a head-to-head comparison of two concealable .45-caliber handguns – the Glock 30S and Springfield XD-S, and a review of the popular Versa Max Tactical shotgun.
    Readers will also find a DIY on building an AR-15 upper receiver, buyer’s guides, and other articles. Issue #6 includes a Spike’s Tactical target. To preview the issue, and learn how to subscribe for print and digital editions head over to: RECOIL Issue #6.”

    popular airsoft

    King Arms Blaser R93 Tactical II prototype

    New Products April 2013 - RedWolf Airsoft RWTV

    GHK G5 GBB Shooting test

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    SCDTV - BO Manufacture AKM - Airsoft Review

    Socom Lancer l5 AWM/Troy Battlemag Hicap now available

    Socom Lancer l5 AWM/Troy Battlemag Hicap now available:
    Here is the latest product news from Socom Gear:
    Socom Gear is delighted to announce the release of the Troy Battlemag and Lancer L5 AWM Hicap magazines. These mags have the same look and feel as their real steel counterparts. Their light weight, polymer bodies hold up to 350 rounds and come with a winding wheel for quick reload capability. Each mag body features an aggressive texture that provides a sure grip but will also extract from magazine pouches easily. Both the L5 AWM and Troy Battlemag Hicaps are available in Black and Tan colors.
    Key Features:
    » FulL Trademarks
    » Textured Body
    » Max bb shot with only  one wind
    » Innovative polymer for lightweight and incredibly durability
    Click for more info and photo >>
    (Socom Gear)

    PolarStar Airsoft - VFC M4 CQBR PolarStar Conversion

    IZMASH // AK-74M Airsoft Prototype Details

    IZMASH // AK-74M Airsoft Prototype Details:
    A interview with the developement department of izmash gives new information about their Airsoft AK-74M Prototype Porject as you can see here:

    Details of the Airsoft Izmash AK-74M ( IZH 124):

    New AK74 M -- No rebuild of deactivated AKs  // Constructor: ALEXSEY SHILOV  Developement since 2007 // Price: around 625~700 €  Mags:  20~ 35€ // First Prototype : SEPT. 2011 //

    No Innerbarrel -- only Outerbarrel with 6,03 inner diameter //  Custom Hop Up_System // Gearbox Manufacturer is unknown and not set yet // Gearbox Ver. 3 //Power: 130-150 m/s  // Every Airsoftgun gets an individual number on body. No High Caps! // 4 MAG’s included / 150 Spring //Powered by LiPo or LiFe akku battery // The Opticrail isnt in position like the real gun //
    Sources: Exorcist86 AUT // NPOIZHMASH // www.strikeup.ru



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    DevGru y Navy Seals: Equipación AOR1

    DevGru y Navy Seals: Equipación AOR1:
    DevGru Red TeamCon el lanzamiento de Zero Dark Thirty y el polémico “No easy day” parece que el número de airsofters con ganas de imitar a los Navy Seal, y más concretamente al Devgru, ha subido considerablemente. Así que para todo voy a hacer una pequeña guía para equipaciones AOR1. Para ello en esta primera entrada hablaré de la uniformidad y complementos más vistos. Más adelante publicaré otra con el armamento.

    Marpat Desert AOR1 comparativeEl AOR1 es un patrón de camuflaje digital “tipo píxel” creado por Crye Precision. Similar al Marpat Desert que utiliza el USMC. las diferencias son mucho más notables cuando se ven ambos en vivo.


    Crye Combat Uniform AOR1Siendo esta entrada sobre el AOR1, obviamente ese es el uniforme a utilizar. En versión combat (con licra en el torso en lugar de tela con camo) y corte Navy Custom (sin coderas).

    El torso está hecho en color plano para utilizar tela transpirable y algo elástica, de forma que es el portaplacas el encargado de proporcionar el camuflaje de esta zona.

    El gran problema de este uniforme es que por lo de pronto solo está disponible para Navy Seals con lo que la oferta es limitada y los precios altísimos (más de 400$ cada pieza). La calidad de las réplicas no está muy allá, y tendremos que irnos a marcas como ToySoldier (que lo replican usando tela AOR real) si queremos un trabajo conseguido, aunque algo caro también (200$ cada parte).

    Como alternativas, a veces vemos a los operadores llevando alguna pieza en multicam, AOR2 o chaquetas como las de Arc’Teryx.

    LBT AOR1 Riggers rescue beltEn cuanto a cinturón, a pesar de que LBT fabrica el riggers en AOR1 lo más habitual es ver los de colores planos de toda la vida (mucho mejor para nuestro bolsillo) y de vez en cuando algún cinturón de cuero.
    Salomon bootsLas botas son algo totalmente al gusto del operador. Las marcas habituales son Salomon, Asolo y Merrell. Por ejemplo Salomon Quest, Merrel Moab o Asolo Fn95.

    Mechanix classic blackCon los guantes pasa como con las botas, son “operator’s choice” como se suele decir, totalmente al gusto del usuario. Mechanix, Camelbak o Petzl son algunos ejemplos. Es importante no confundir y mezclar los guantes reforzados usados en el fast-ropping (el descenso en cuerda del helicoptero)
    DevGru AOR1 Ops Core FAST Helmet with GPNVG18Las prendas de cabeza las trataremos más extensamente en un futuro. En principio para equipa más o menos actuales iremos a por el casco FAST de Ops Core en color tan. Como alternativa tenemos el boonie ne AOR1.


    Siendo el AOR1 utilizado en zonas de conflicto y operaciones generalmente Direct Action se hace necesario un portaplacas.ToySoldier 6094A AOR1El más habitual es el 6094 fabricado por LBT. Aquí tenemos otra de esas piezas caras (1400$) con pocas opciones en cuanto a réplicas: Toy Soldier lo fabrica con tela real a 400$ y Flyye lo vende con un patrón que se acerca al real. En algunas fotos podemos ver a los soldados llevando frontales 6094K, las opciones de compra son las mismas de antes, TS o Flyye. En general los vemos con configuraciones muy ligeras, aprovechando el bolsillo kangaroo. Como alternativa al 6094 a veces se ve la versión fabricada por Eagle Industries.
    Kyle Defoor LBT 6094 SlickComo portaplacas ligero para combinar con chest rigs tenemos el LBT 6094 Slick. En la foto vemos el de Kyle Defoor, ex SEAL y actualmente instructor de tiro.

    Crye CAGE Plate Carrier AOR1De Crye Precision tenemos el CAGE Plate Carrier (o CPC). Portaplacas de diseño similar al 6094 pero más pesado y protector. Podemos comprar el original en la web de Crye por 560$ en Multicam o la copia de Flyye (también disponible en AOR1) con sus cosiguientes errores. El de la foto se vendió en eBay por 5000$ (si, tres zeros). Este portaplacas se ha visto usado por el DevGru y Mark Owen nos muestra el suyo en “No easy day”.
    Crye JPC Jumpable Plate Carrier multicam

    También de Crye tenemos el JPC o Jumpable Plate Carrier. Un portaplacas de diseño ligero pensado para saltos en paracaídas. Se ha visto en uso por Navy Seals (que no Devgru) en color multicam y podéis comprarlo en la web de Crye por 250$. Existe en AOR1, pero no se ha visto en uso, solo en eBay.

    LBT 1961G AOR1Como chest rig tenemos al LBT 1961G, la versión modernizada del LBT1961A. Lo replica Flyye en AOR1. No confundir con el Pantac MCR, que se trata de una copia del MPCR de Eagle Industries, una versión del LBT1961G con varias diferencias. El LBT que copia al MPCR es el 1961A-R. Todos ellos con una capacidad similar y amplia.

    Toy Soldier LBT 2586 AOR1Como mención anecdótica tenemos el LBT 2586, un chest rig ligero y configurable por molle que aunque han salido varios en eBay no se ha visto en uso nunca. Lo fabrica Toy Soldier con tela real por 254$ e incluye los pouches de la foto. Existe en versión MP7 y M4.
    Y con esto acabamos la uniformidad y la 2nd line. Haré dos entradas más: una para armamento y otra para prendas de cabeza, accesorios y comunicaciones.

    A&K PKM 12000 rounds nono-stop shooting test Trailer

    Airsoft Insider Magazine Launch Date

    Airsoft Insider Magazine Launch Date:
    Airsoft Insider Magazine
    Booligan sent news about the definite launch date of the Airsoft Insider Magazine geared towards the US Airsoft Industry.... "Hey guys! I wanted to send you some info about the projected launch date for Airsoft Insider magazine! This is a brand new, US based airsoft print magazine from Maplegate media group, producer of many RC/Hobby based magazines with HUGE distribution capabilities. We have a team of some of the best and brightest in the US Airsoft industry, and we're looking forward to getting this magazine in players' hands!

    Le ZB26 made in China pour Avril 2013 ?

    Le ZB26 made in China pour Avril 2013 ?:
    Une information à mettre au crédit du blog Gunsmith : la réplique made in China du fusil mitrailleur d’origine tchèque Zbrojovka Brno ZB26 pourrait être disponible dès ce mois d’Avril 2013 ! Pour rappel des photos du prototype avaient fuité en octobre via le distributeur Gunfire (voir cet article), et cette réplique se présente comme une véritable alternative cheap au rare Viva Arms ZB26. Malheureusement, toujours pas d’information plus précise en ce qui concerne le prix.
    ACM ZB26

    ACM ZB26 vs Viva Arms
    Crédits Gunsmithbaton – Merci à Edgar pour son mail !

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    Projected launch date for Airsoft Insider Magazine

    Projected launch date for Airsoft Insider Magazine:
    Booligan has sent over details of the soon to be launched Airsoft Insider Magazine:
    Hey guys, I wanted to send you some info about the projected launch date for Airsoft Insider magazine! This is a brand new, US based airsoft print magazine from Maplegate media group, producer of many RC/Hobby based magazines with HUGE distribution capabilities. We have a team of some of the best and brightest in the US Airsoft industry, and we’re looking forward to getting this magazine in players’ hands!
    Our first issue is slated for launch on July 9, 2013. Players can keep in touch and see our progress through our facebook page:https://www.facebook.com/airsoftinsider
    Thanks! Jeremy "Booligan" Hendricks (Airsoft Insider Magazine)

    MilSim Mechanix Tactical Tip - Rifle Transitions for Lower Profile - Pyr...

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    Homemade Browning airsoft guns By Killbuckets

    WE "Toucan" (S&W M&P) GBB Pistol Overview

    Madbull sniper accelerator hopup bucking X2 now available

    Madbull sniper accelerator hopup bucking X2 now available:
    Madbull have sent over details of their new sniper accelerator hopup bucking:
    The Madbull Sniper Accelerator Hopup Bucking is designed with a soft rubber and silicon material to allow for maximum adjustment and increase overall performance of your sniper rifle. The bucking is specially designed to seal compressed air and prevent double b.b. feeding. Each package comes with two bucking that work with the Echo 1 M 28 & VSR-10 style rifles. The Madbull sniper hopup bucking will take your rifle to another level of precision!
    Package include: SNIPER HOPUP RED X 2
    • Softer rubber/silicone material
    • Specially designed to seal compression
    • Prevents double feeding
    • Two accelerator hopup buckings per package
    • Increase Performance
    Brand Compatibility: Echo 1 M28 & VSR-10
    Click for more info and photo >>