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MADBULL // King Armory licensed compensator

MADBULL // King Armory licensed compensator:

Details: The Madbull KA-1222A Comp is based off the real steel version which according to King Armory is, “Lightweight and durable, the KA-1222A will handle extended periods of semi or full automatic fire easily. It is for this reason that Madbull licensed Airsoft version to give the players a great looking flash hider with solid aluminum construction. The KA-1222A features 12 ports the surround machine cut grooves. It makes for a sleek and stylish comp with seriously bad intensions. The KA-1222A conforms to end of a rifle barrel in one seamless blend. It has a unique concaved mouth feature that other flash hiders don’t. It screws on CCW and is easy to install. It also features a pin hole and screw to safely secure the flash hider down to prevent any wobble or backing out of the comp.
Package include:

1 x KA-1222A Comp

- Pin screw for extra security

- Easy Counter Clock Wise Installation

- Machine cut grooves and ported sides

- Smooth concaved mouth

- Light weight and durable

- Custom designed like the real KA-1222A Comp

- High grade aluminum build
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