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Next Gen. AEG series from ARES Airsoft!

Next Gen. AEG series from ARES Airsoft!:
New M4A1 Carbine is come with computer programable electronic control gearbox!


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Madbull SWR airsoft suppressor (Dummy)

Madbull SWR airsoft suppressor (Dummy):
Madbull’s SWR dummy airsoft suppressor is now available in the USA and Asia:
SWR is a design and manufacturing company specializing and famous in suppressors and small arms development. SWR now has a proper R&D staff to develop innovative product and a manufacturing line to ensure the innovation is produced and available nationwide. Madbull licensed SWR barrel extension is compatible with a diverse range of airsoft guns. It pairs with everything from Airsoft pistols, rifles, and sniper rifles making it the most light weight, versatile, and durable barrel extension on the market. It has fully licensed trademarks and a unique design for easy disassembly and user serviceability.
Package include:
Barrel Extension
- Durable one piece high tensile strength aluminum construction
- Fully Licensed Trademarks 
- Light weight at only 6 oz.
- Has multi-capability for Airsoft pistol or rifle
- Easily mount
Click for more info and photo>>

EvikeTV [The Gun Corner] - WE Katana M4 Full Metal AEG

More on the Airsoft GI custom PTT line

More on the Airsoft GI custom PTT line:
Airsoft GI have sent over more details of their new PTT line:
A welcome addition to the up and coming Perfect Tactical Trainer (PTT) line of Airsoft GI customs. The PTT series will sport Hand guards and Rail systems made for real firearms. ……… Maybe Josh aka the preditor will finally buy his SCAR……
The coupon code 205OFFDAILY to save up to 20.5% off will be ending shortly. Hurry in and make your order today!

Check out Bob with the new ICS CXP-16! The all tan furniture is great for desert style game play! Stay tuned for more details soon to come!
(Airsoft GI)

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All About Airsoft Helmets

All About Airsoft Helmets:
The original version of this article appeared on Airsoft Megastore’s blog.
Helmets can be headaches — only if you don’t understand their true potential in airsoft. Many airsoft players use helmets, although just as many prefer caps and other forms of headgear to complete their loadouts. But since airsoft is a safe sport that attracts many players of mixed ages, it’s not necessary to spend hundreds of dollars on one.
I’ve always used a simple Pro-Tec style helmet with a camouflage cover, but I’m looking at upgrading to a FAST-type bump helmet in the near future. – Lawrence
Airsoft players primarily rely on helmets mainly for the look, but having one for protection isn’t such a bad idea. A well-covered head presents less of a target to get hit by a BB. However, the power of the helmet comes from the type you carry. The main thing that separates most decent airsoft helmets from ones used by active duty soldiers is the material it’s made of.  Airsoft helmets are usually constructed out of a polymer based material and only offer protection against bumps and BBs. Beyond that, there are different types that provide various degrees of comfort and tactical capabilities.

Helmets that mirror the Personal Armor System for Ground Troops (PASGT) are typically basic in its design. These inexpensive alternatives typically come with a two-point chin strap and are widely available. These helmets are great for all players who want a protective headgear but don’t want to spend over $50.

Airsoft versions of the Advanced Combat Helmet (ACH), which is what troops in the U.S. Army use, is one of the most widely used forms of headgear. These helmets come with military style straps and four points of adjustment. Attachment points for night vision goggles (NVG) also allow users to move in low-light and dark environments.

The Modular Integrated Communications Helmet (MICH), the predecessor of the ACH, is also a popular choice and comes in a few different styles that offer differing degrees of ear coverage.

The FAST-type “bump” helmet is a step up from the MICH/ACH type and has become increasingly popular among players. The airsoft replicas of these helmets offer non-ballistic protection, but, more importantly, give players a platform to run communications equipment like headsets and microphones. These advanced airsoft helmets can cost up to up to $80 and offer the most options for customization.
Some also come with a side adapter rail that allows for the mounting of a variety of accessories, including side covers, headsets, lights and even small HD cameras. For greater compatibility, Picatinny and Weaver rail adapters can be attached to these helmets to mount any 20-millimeter accessory.

Helmets can be helpful when used to its full potential and add an extended degree of protection in airsoft applications. Some are simple in design, while others offer high quality padding and mounting points for accessories. No matter what type you decide to purchase, there are many to choose from to fit your needs.

Airsoft MegaStore

Tactical Gear Heads - Josh

KWA Discontinues H&K Line-up

KWA Discontinues H&K Line-up:
If you hop on over to the KWA website, you’ll notice the lack of H&K branded guns.
Umarex (the licensing company, which holds the worldwide license for Heckler & Koch) has severed its relationship to the Taiwanese based Airsoft company, KWA, and KWA is no longer manufacturing or distributing any of the guns previously modeled after H&K guns. Including the USP & USP variants, MK23 SOCOM, HK45, and the MP7 (arguably one of the best performing GBB SMG available).
Although the guns will no longer be produced, there is rumor that parts will still be available, or perhaps only until the reaming stock has been dried up.
So what if you just bought that brand new KWA and you need mags? Luckily Umarex will still be supplying those guns with mags!
If you’re worried about the disappearance of H&K GBB pistols and SMGs, you can sleep knowing that Vega Force Company (VFC) will now be supplying us with our HK fixes. Although not officially announced there is leaked footage of their new MP7 GBB in action (VFC MP7A1.3gp on YouTube).

Ares TAR 21 Airsoft Tavor review by Moondog

Evolution exclusive CA distributor in Europe & Russia

Evolution exclusive CA distributor in Europe & Russia:
Evolution Airsoft are now exclusively distributing Classic Army products in Europe and Russia:
Evolution International S.r.l. are pleased to announce the strategical alliance with Classic Army.
Starting from January 1st, 2013 the whole range of Classic Army guns, accessories and tactical equipment is distributed by Evolution International S.r.l. under exclusive agreement in the European continent, including the European Union, the non-EU member countries, and Russia.
The official announcement will be made by Evolution International S.r.l. at the IWA2013 show, stand # 624 hall 7 where Evolution International S.r.l. representatives will be glad to meet the wholesalers and retailers interested in joining the Official distribution network of Classic Army and Evolution Airsoft.
Classic Army is the biggest name in the airsoft industry and with this strategical alliance all European and Russian dealers and wholesalers will benefit of the most efficient distribution network of the industry and of the biggest inventory of Classic Army products in the world, with Italian Quality Check and direct shipping from the Evolution Airsoft base in Italy.
The whole range of Classic Army products is in stock and ready to ship, special conditions an benefits are available to all new and old customers.
Boost your business, join the strongest European airsoft company. Contact Evolution International S.r.l. today at info@evolution-airsoft.com.
Evolution International S.r.l.

KWA KRISS Vector Review - Part I - PyramydAir.com (HD)

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Airsoft Systems ASSR - new rifle

The guys from Airsoft Systems have posted some images from a new ASSR rifle they will presenting at IWA2013

From the photos we speculate that maybe  is a version of the SAVAGE ARMS’ Modular Sniper System: Model 10 BAS & BAS/T

Luftwaffensicherungstruppe Alpha im Einsatz

Luftwaffensicherungstruppe Alpha im Einsatz:
Was hat Schwingen und kann doch nicht fliegen? – Richtig, ein Infanterist der Luftwaffe. Wobei, wenn man an Helikopter denkt, die im Einsatz verwendet werden, ist der Kalauer schon nicht mehr so richtig. Heute zeigen wir Euch einen „Soldat Luftwaffensicherungstruppe Alpha“, wie er in Afghanistan im Einsatz ist. Und wir geben Euch die Kitlist dazu:
Boonie (dstl.)

UA HeatGear (priv.)

IdZ Sk4 (dstl.)

Einsatzkampfjacke (dstl.)

Einsatzkampfhose (dstl.) / Leo Köhler Combatshirt (privat)

Asolo Fugitive GTX (priv.)

Oaklay SI Gloves (priv.)

Oakley M-Frame 2.0 (priv.)

Gefechtshelm + Lucie-Montage + IR-Beacon (alles dstl.)

Serpa CQC auf Beinplatte Highride (priv.)

VTAC Padded Sling (priv.)
LHT Chestrig 2-teilig + Tragegestell(priv.)

- BE-X Doppelshingle + TacTailor DoubleFrag Pouch

- BE-X Doppelshingle + 2x Tasmanian Tiger Doppel 40mm

- LHT DM25

- LHT Doppelmagazin

- LHT Mehrzwecktasche II. + China Dumppouch + China Doppel 9mm

- BE-X Zuüberhörtasche, klein
10x G36 Magazin
1x DM25 Nebel
1x DM35 Schnellnebel
1x DM32 Signalrauch
1x DM51 Handgranate
1x 40mm CS-Reizstoff-Granate
9x 40mm HEDP Granate
1x RSG 4 (Reizstoffsprühgerät / CS-Gas)
versch. Signalpatronen
(1x SEM 52SL nicht auf Bild)
(2x P8 9mm Magazine, nicht auf Bild)
Flugplatzsicherung war der eigentliche „Gründungsauftrag“ der Luftwaffensicherungstruppe, ursprünglich gegen Spetsnaz, weil man befürchtete, dass asymetrische Angriffe auf die senisblen Einrichtungen der Luftwaffe stattfinden könnten. Daher Ausbildung im gleichen Bereich, also Jagdkommandos bilden und die feindliche Kräfte aufspüren.
Im Einsatz geht es bei der Luftwaffensicherungstruppe zum Einen um Objektschutz (aber eben nicht Main Gate Betrieb sondern Raumschutz um das Feldlager), Absicherung von Feldjägern(also Kräfteschutz), teilweise auch Personenschutz, wenn kein Close-Protection-Team der Feldjger notwendig ist, Zusammenarbeit mit der Zivilbevölkerung durch das „Dorffeldwebel“-System. Jeder Gruppe wird ein Dorf im Einsatzraum zu gewiesen, das sie betreut, mit dem Malik spricht, evtl. Mittel über CIMIC anbietet, oder einfach selbst  Wassertanks, Holz, Bänke, Tische etc. von andern Einheiten anfragen und dann dort hinbringen.
Und letztendlich wahrscheinlich das Spannenste: Personel Recovery, zwar nicht ganz so cool wie die Pendants der USAF, da keiner eine Sprungausbildung hat, aber immerhin mit Black Hawks und unter Ausbildungsunterstützung von US SOF. Dazu gibt es auch ein Bundeswehrvideo, das HIER zu sehen ist.
Special THX an Hellsing-Dundee für Bilder und Bericht!

Tanaka // releases new spring powered K98k

Tanaka // releases new spring powered K98k:

Regarding to Airsoft2Day -- the japanese airsoft manufacturer Tanaka Works has relaunched his K98k as an “bolt action, spring powered, air cocking replica”. It´s available at Tokyo Model Company for $780 USD. Extra parts like a magazine or Tanakas replica of the “Mauser scope” for the rifle are also available at the shop.
  • Length: 1100mm
  • Weight: 4000g
  • Material: Wood & Metal
  • Magazine Capacity: 24rds (6mm BB)
  • System: Spring Cocking
For more details please visit their shop HERE or Tanakas website. Below we show you a short test firing video from the rifle.




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Airsoft Cheaters: The "Not Gonna Call It!" Guy.

FN Bags U.S. Army M4/M4A1 Contract

FN Bags U.S. Army M4/M4A1 Contract:
US Army M4
News that has been circulating in firearms forums over the weekend... "FN Manufacturing has outbid Remington Arms Company and Colt Defense LLC., to win a contract worth just under $77 million to make M4A1s for the U.S. Army, according to an industry source. The award notice  was posted on Federal Business Opportunities on Feb. 22 with an initial value of $9,370,615.
This is the latest round in what has become a hard-fought battle to equip soldiers with a better carbine."

TFB: Real Steel H&K G28 DMR Photos

TFB: Real Steel H&K G28 DMR Photos:
TFB: H&K G28 DMR Photo
The Firearm Blog posted photos of the Heckler & Koch G28 DMR as taken by the 762PR last Sunday. Well, if you want that setup better prepare to do some modding to your VFC HK417 AEG. The photos did a good job capturing the awesomeness of this rifle and of course geardos imaginations will run wild again on how to have a loadout like that.

Magpul PDR-C Shooting Test and Review - EpicAirsoftHD

RECOIL Magazine Volume 1 Issue 5 2013 out now!!!

RECOIL Magazine Volume 1 Issue 5 2013 out now!!!:
Get your copy of the latest issue from the RECOIL Magazine!
recoil magazine


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Flashbang and Close Quarters Combat (CQC) Training

Absolute Accuracy (Even without Scope) KingArms Galil SAR - RedWolf Airs...

MAGPUL PTS Masada Streamline Version ACR AEG by eHobby Asia

Demonstration of PDR-C’s Spring replacement

Umarex HK417D Review

Stark Arms / VFC Glock 19 (G19) airsoft pistol

Socomgear // DD M4 MFR 7″/9″/12″ AEG Now Available In USA and Asia!

Socomgear // DD M4 MFR 7″/9″/12″ AEG Now Available In USA and Asia!:
The Daniel Defense MFR is a fully licensed, fully custom, fully loaded AEG right out of the box! It comes in 7”, 9” and 12” length rail options. The gun comes with fully licensed trademarks for Daniel Defense and features the Daniel Defense MFR(Modular Float Rail). This rail is a light-weight CNC Machined Modular Free Float Handguard. It is specifically designed to adequately cover a low profile gas block on a carbine or mid-length gas system barrel. Should the shooter desire, the tube can be run “slick” with an uninterrupted top rail that runs the length of the tube. In addition, the installation of Modular Picatinny Rails is accomplished with little effort. This allows you to have rails anywhere you need them and not in placed where you don’t. The full metal body’s dust cover features a dust cover that is engraved with the word “Infidel” and the US Flag.
Package include:

- 1 x DD MFR

- 1 x Hicap Magazine

- Daniel Defense Trades

- Full metal body

- Shoots 400 FPS out of the box

- Comes with the DD MFR rail

- Light weight Free float rail system

- Engraved Dust Cover with the US Flag and the word “Infidel”

- Picatinny Rail Sections at standard 90 degree or offset angles.
Click for more info and photo >> http://socomgear.com/english/index.php?main_page=advanced_search_result&search_in_description=1&keyword=DD+M4+MFR


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MadBull Airsoft XCR Rifle Giveaway Event

MadBull Airsoft XCR Rifle Giveaway Event:
SOCOM Gear XCR MadBull
Here's your chance to win that SOCOM Gear XCR AEG from MadBull Airsoft as long as you like their Facebook Page... "Hello fans! We are back with another event! Last week we asked you fans what you wish to win for next prize and guess what?? XCR rifle got the most demands! So as we promised, we decide to give away Socom Gear XCR rifle! XCR rifle, guys! XCR!
Just to let you know Socom Gear rifle MSRP for about $400!

New Wallpaper by eHobby Asia

New Wallpaper by eHobby Asia:
eHobby Asia released a new wallpaper on their facebook page. Use it if you like it for your desktop or mobil device.
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PTS Magpul Masada GBBR by KWA - Shot Show 2013

Airsoft GI - KRISS Vector, FMG4, Magpul PDR, M1 Garand Shooting Video

Airsoft gun damage test: "What can my gun break?"

Airsoft gun damage test: "What can my gun break?"

Echo1 // RedStar Operator Combat Weapon (OCW)

Echo1 // RedStar Operator Combat Weapon (OCW):
Welcome the latest AK to the Echo1 arsenal. The RedStar Operator Combat Weapon (OCW)
  • Highest Quality Gearbox with Steel Internals
  • The Operator Combat Weapon (OCW) is the latest AK74 platform to help any shooter fill the role as an operator; especially for the hardcore MilSim players. With the highest quality gearbox and internals, you can shoot continuously with ease and stay in the game.
  • Full Front RIS for your Favorite Attachments
  • Don’t worry about installing a RIS on our AK. The OCW already comes with a full front RIS, allowing you to easily attach your favorite optics, lights, grips and much more.
  • Need a Bigger Battery? No Problem!
  • The RedStar OCW rifle is wired to the rear allowing you to use a wide variety of crane batteries and lipos. Push the gearbox to it’s full potential and take control of the opposition.
  • Two High Capacity Magazines For Twice the Fun
  • With the OCW you get a rugged AK platform that means business. With every OCW you will receive two waffle type magazines, battery and charger; making your Airsoft gun battle-ready out of the box.
  • Front and Rear Adjustable Sight with Ambidextrous Charging Handle
  • Adjust your sights with superior precision as every OCW comes with a fine-tune front and rear adjustable sight. Whether your right handed or left handed, you can easily adjust your hop up unit with the OCW’s ambidextrous charging handle.
Order now at your favorite dealer, or directly with Echo1!
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GHK G5 Review Video

Russian – Soldier Of Fortune magazine free download

Russian – Soldier Of Fortune magazine free download:

Classic military magazine <Soldier Of Fortune> (Russian Version) which is released their previous issue (1994 – 2009) in PDF format for download, let click http://sof-mag.ru/arxiv.html for details.

Lion Claws Films: Irene X Now Online

Lion Claws Films: Irene X Now Online:
IRENE X Teaser
For those who have been waiting for the Irene X video to be available, it's now online for free viewing at Lion Claws Films unlike before where you will to wait for the DVD copy. You can watch it right now in HD and it's divided into 4 parts so you can take some bathroom breaks. Below is the teaser video as uploaded by John Lu of Best of USA Marketing.

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Costa Leg Rig Review

Costa Leg Rig Review:

I picked one of these up a couple weeks ago, for range/class use, as well as to have the ability to run lighter and lower profile than a plate carrier plastered with mag pouches. Does it work? Is it overpriced hype gear? Thumbs up or down? Click below for the low-down.

Chris Costa does a good job explaining the thinking behind the leg rig named after him, so I'll let him (and the Hoss) do the talking on that:

I like it for its intended purposes - it's not a full-on battle set up, but it lets you carry mags without all the trade-offs that come with a big, bulky, heavy "Ninja Force 5" set up. And, if you're running multiple weapon systems, the Rig allows you to maintain consistency across platforms. No switching between pouches and mag locations when moving from your AR to your AK to your pump shotgun.

War belts are all the rage these days, but a big war can often get in the way of movement - crouching, sitting, kneeling, dropping prone, or even just running. Check out photos of military guys working in the Sandbox - you'll see very few of them running war belts. There's good reason for that - nearly all of our guys are based out of vehicles, and riding in an vehicle + a war belt just doesn't work out very well.

The Costa Leg rig drops the important parts of the war belt - the magazines - down a couple inches off the belt line, which gives you freedom of mobility that you lack with a big foamy war belt, bulky chest rig or similar solutions.  The Leg Rig does not interfere with movement, and it's not heavy enough
to slow you down like a full-blown rig can. It does project an inch
or two off of your leg, which could conceivably cause some hang ups
navigating through close quarters or heavy brush, but a chest rig, big
war belt and so on would be much worse.

The Costa Leg Rig allows you to carry two rifle mags and two to three pistol mags in a low-profile package.
 Some people hate on drop leg set ups, but those are usually the same dudes who are wearing the drop leg around their calf. They're not supposed to ride that low! Mid/upper thigh is where the Costa Leg rig is supposed to ride - just a couple inches down from the belt.

The Costa Leg Rig's suspension system
The Costa rig is designed to ride quite securely - the elastic leg band wraps tightly but not uncomfortably around the leg, the twin belt straps secure it to the belt, and the rig's padded backing helps keep it "stuck" in place and keeps things nice and cozy. I was concerned about the comfort level, until I strapped it on for the first time. It's barely noticeable. And, importantly, it doesn't flop around during movement or magazine changes.

The Costa rig is easily integrated into a heavier system, if you do need to armor up. Have your chest rig or plate carrier, plus the Leg Rig for 1st line and speed reloads.

It's also a heck of a lot more low-key than full-on battle-rattle; probably more likely to see use on the range, in classes, plinking and in competitions. It's convenient and small enough to chuck into your range bag or current kit.

For situations where you only want a light, fast, low-key magazine carrying solution, the Costa Leg is the best solution that I've seen on the market.

It is a bit pricey at $139, but price out the component pieces - two Double Decker Tacos @ $42 a pop, one pistol taco @ $25 a pop and you're at $109, before a drop leg panel. And, I haven't seen a drop leg panel that's as well designed as the Costa Leg Rig - most are of the ride around the ankle variety. So, all-in, you're not seeing a dramatic mark up because this has Chris Costa's Costa Ludus Logo on it. It's a fair deal, and using the same components, you'd have a hard time building one on your own.

The mag pouches of the Costa Leg Rig are sewn on, so you can't switch them to another set up, but you get some weight/bulk savings for that tradeoff.

When you've got the Rig all loaded up with magazines, the middle pistol pouch becomes a bit more difficult to access, which makes it the best choice for carrying something like a multitool, flashlight or folding knife. If you wanted to carry a pistol mag there, it'd just be the last magazine you drew, as the other two are faster/easier to access.

The Tacos are as fast as any magazine pouch I've used on the draw - there's no flaps or bungees to clear out of the way, so the access speed is the same as you'd see with kydex. They are a bit slower when stowing magazines, like on a tactical reload, but, as the pouches loosen up a little bit and you get the "rock into place" motion down, they're pretty quick. I'm less concerned about speed in stowing a mag anyways, as it's something that would only be done during a lull in a gun fight.

So, to recap the virtues of the Costa Leg Rig:

  • Holds a variety of magazines - pretty much anything you want. AR, AKs, AR-10, Saiga 12s, etc.
  • Low profile - integrates easily with your normal gear, isn't going to interfere with movement or get in the way.
excels in both departments. The elastic HSGI Taco pouches can hold just
about anything you jam in then, and they do so securely. And, the leg
rig, worn properly, allows you to carry two rifle magazines and two to
three pistol magazines in a very maneuverable, easy to access package. Big thumbs up from me.

Got any questions? Ask away in the comments section.

MBS-2M BDU in PenCott-Badlands from SPECOPS-POLAND

MBS-2M BDU in PenCott-Badlands from SPECOPS-POLAND:
Developed for an unnamed European military mountain unit, the MBS-2M (M is for “Mountain”) is a slightly modified version of the standard SPECOPS MBS-2 BDU.

The MBS-2M includes the following unique features:
-a built-in set of suspenders
-Velcro block-out panels
-Cordura reinforced knees and elbows
-a higher back-line
-Cordura reinforced lower calf with water-proof zipper
-internal wallet pouch

Contact Marcin (“Martin”) Chrzanowski at SPECOPS-POLAND for further information:  marcin.chrzanowski@specops.pl

Madbull // Robinson Arms XCR adjustable stock

Madbull // Robinson Arms XCR adjustable stock:
The Madbull XCR-FAST, which stands for “Fully Adjustable STock” can be quickly deployed from the folded position by the push of a strategically placed button and flick of the fingers. It locks firmly into the deployed and folded positions. It can be adjusted so that any user using any sight can be perfectly comfortable. Our stock is light at approximately one pound. It is very thin at less than one inch in width. Folded it creates a tight, compact package. We designed this to work with all your gear, be it face masks or goggles. No tilting the head necessary for seeing your sights. Fastest sight acquisition time possible. The fully adjustable stock can be configured so that any user can be comfortable with any sight or optic. Madbull is known for making the highest quality licensed products and the XCR-FAST is no exception!
Product link: http://madbull.com/catalog/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=585


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Inside Combat Rescue -Part 1- Visions of War

Overview of the JJAirsoft Acog with Mini Red Dot

1928 Thompson PolarStar Conversion

1928 Thompson PolarStar Conversion:
Bingo Airsoft Works 1928 Thompson PolarStar Conversion
Talk about another successful conversion though it was a complex one. Now we see a Thompson airsoft gun now running on the PolarStar Fusion Engine... "The Thompson submachine gun is an iconic firearm that was popular during the early 1920s through WWII. Unfortunately it’s not a gun that is typically found on an airsoft field, except for maybe WWII focused games and reenactments.

APS UAR AEG (Urban Assault Rifle)