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Make yourself a small soldier

Make yourself a small soldier:

Socomgear Barrett REC7 M4 AEG in USA & Asia

Socomgear Barrett REC7 M4 AEG in USA & Asia:
The SOCOMGear Barrett REC7 M4 AEG is now available in the USA and Asia:
Socom Gear is excited to announce the Barrett REC7 Rifle! Barrett is the world leader in large-caliber rifle design and manufacturing and as Barrett has stated, “Compact, accurate and completely trustworthy, the REC7 is designed specifically for situations in which there’s no room for error. This tough-as-nails rifle was designed specifically to answer the call for a low-maintenance, enhanced reliability carbine.” It comes in 8.7”, 10.5”, and 14.5” full metal body and rail rifle lengths. This fully trademarked M4 features both deep engraving and laser etching. The T6 Aluminum materials used make this rifle durable and mobile. It’s a rear wired M4 with battery compartments located in the stock, it comes with a one-piece hop up unit and a functioning charging handle. All REC7’s come standard with the Daniel Defense OmegaX rail system
Package include: -1 x Barrett REC7 AEG
-1 x Mid Cap Magazine
Features: -Deep Authentic trademark and laser engraving
-Functional Charging Handle
-Barrett’s famous gas block
-Daniel Defense OmegaX rail system
-Crane Stock
More Info and Photo >>

What is Milsim? - Introduction

NEW Magpul PDR working model!

Crye Precision // ShotShow 2013 Part 1 to 3

Crye Precision // ShotShow 2013 Part 1 to 3:

Crye Precision presents their highly modular AVS (Adaptive Vest System)



Crye Precision presents their latest AIRLITE projects including ultra light weight vests / carriers and their latest MRB -- Modular Rigger’s Belt as well.


Duro Textiles presents their latest Crye Precision Multicam fabric options.

http://multicamfabric.com/ http://www.cryeprecision.com/


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ICS M1 Garand Assembly Video

Magpul PTS PDR-C AEG Announcement

Magpul PTS PDR-C AEG Announcement:Magpul PTS PDR-C (L)
New announcement from Magpul PTS on the PTS PDR-C AEG, especially on it availability which you can read further below... "The PTS PDR™ offers compact form-factor and unique capabilities for individuals with need for such a low profile design. It is small and thin enough to be carried close to the body via a shoulder holster but is single handedly deployable even from a seated position making it ideal for use in vehicle cabs and tight spaces.
Backward compatibility with AR-15/M16 AEG magazines, allows for emergency supplement from personnel carrying standard M16s or M4s. An ultra-compact bullpup-style design keeps the overall length to a minimum while still accommodating a highly effective 10.5 inch barrel.
This concept of PDR is envisioned as an ultra-compact, rifle-caliber personal defense weapon, catered to military officers, non-combat personnel, aircraft/survival E&E, executive protection and airline security. It is designed to fill the unique role between pistol and rifle, by combining the capabilities of the latest generation of PDW systems while greatly reducing any logistical burden.
The PTS PDR™ upper receiver is unique in housing all the fire control parts. This allows the user to switch in seconds to two different configurations of lower receivers, depending on mission requirements.
Since PDR-C is amazingly unique and popular, there is limited quantity of PDR-C which is only available in Hong Kong, Japan, Philippines, England and Canada at the moment. We proudly announce that PTS PDR is coming soon.
  • Picatinny M1913A Spec Top Rail – Full length top rail allows for optics or iron site mounting. Optics rail 0.5 ~ 0.6” above cheekweld
  • Streamlined “no snag” design, integrated forward grip and shortened tail section.
  • 10.5" Carbine Length Barrel
  • Quick-Change Spring System
  • Fully Ambidextrous Design – mag release, and ejection.
  • M16/M4 Magazine Release – Instinctive M16-type magazine release allows for rapid magazine reloading not seen in other bull-pup designs in this class.
  • Reversible Mid Ejection System – On the fly, selectable ejection system simulates ejecting spent casings from either the right or left side depending on user preference and tactical situation
  • Ambi Charging Handle – simulates ejection port press check
  • Press Check Blast Cover – cheek piece rotates up to allow hop up unit access and adjustment
  • Integrated Light Option – capable of accepting built-in illumination for target ID during low light conditions.
  • Quick Field Disassembly – Lower receiver is removable after pushing three captive push pins.
  • AEG M16/NATO STANAG magazine compatibility reduces logistical impact on both operators and supply chains.
  • Single Point Sling Mount – For use with shoulder holster
  • Ultralight for max portability"

"Mad Max" Mullen In TWIA Ep. 21

"Mad Max" Mullen In TWIA Ep. 21:
Max Mullen Shot Show 2013
Time to listen into the Mad Max as is the special guest in the Episode 21 In This Week In Airsoft to discuss what they have been up to at Tactical Milsim... "We here at This Week in Airsoft talked to MSG Mullen about Airborne Milsim a few weeks ago. You should check out a very good episode and share it. This is an amazing experience that should be taken advantage of."

Internals….. The Functionality of a Piston.

Internals….. The Functionality of a Piston.:

Gears are one of the important aspects inside a gearbox. Next on the list is the Piston. The piston is what formulates the initial compression of the gun, along with other parts such as the spring, cylinder, and more.. The piston is what the gears will catch on to, allowing the spring tension to increase as the piston is pulled back, and then released to generate the compressed air inside the cylinder. The compressed air is then used to propel the projectile forward.
There are different types of piston on the market. From those you see in stock guns with more of a plastic body to those made out of Polyoxymethylene (POM) and some with a full metal body. Keep in mind though, the heavier the piston, it would required more time and more energy to pull the piston back after every shot. You will need a stronger motor with a higher voltage battery to counter this. Also, you have the option of choosing full metal teeth or just have the very last tooth to be metal. Whatever you choose, it is important that the last tooth on the piston that the sector gear releases has to be metal. Otherwise you will be stripping pistons constantly.
Upon my experience of opening and working on different gearboxes, I always see people using the POM type piston since they have a high strength-ti weight ratio. Airsoft GI sells POM Pistons from Magicbox, which are a great buy for the money. Metal Pistons are great for DMR rifles in my experience, because the rifle will need a strong piston for the heavy tension spring and torque gears. For other gear sets such as the Dual Sector from Siegetek or the Double Sector Gear from Modify, you will need a piston with at least 10 Metal teeth. The body does not have to be metal, just the teeth do. Since there are only 8 teeth being contacted on the piston, you need the release tooth to be metal. Modify has created a piston called the Quantum Piston, which every tooth is coated with titanium to increase the durability and the life span of the product.
In my experience, I always aim to look for the strongest piston with the strongest teeth that will hold up in my builds. Now, I know what you guys are thinking, if I wanted the strongest, that would almost mean that the piston was initially going to be heavy. Yes, initially. However, I would always decrease the weight on any piston by either drilling holes or cutting slots with a dremel. With a lighter piston, it would take less energy from my battery and also reduce the amount of strain on the motor and gears. Lastly, I would correct the Angle of Engagement (AOE). In order to do this I usually use a Sorbothane pad from Scatterplot. However, any plastic washers are just fine in doing so. The type of thickness varies on what parts I am using. This is where the measurement comes in. When correcting the AOE, the angle of the first piston tooth is equivalent to the angle created from the point of contact on the initial tooth from the sector gear. Correcting the AOE would increase your piston life and durability over time. I personally have put over 45,000 rounds through my Noveske M4 with an output of 348- 350FPS at approximately 40BPS on an 11.1v 1100mAh 15C LiPo battery and my piston only shows minimal wear.
Airsoft GI has vast assortment of pistons at different prices that you will find to your likings. From OEM replacements to the stronger POM pistons, there are always something out there for whatever you need in your gearbox. I would recommend having a professional technician, such as the techs at Airsoft GI, install certain parts in your guns, unless you are tech savvy enough to do it on your own. Stay tuned to our blog for the next article in this internal lineup. Have fun and be safe when you play airsoft. I’m Marq. See you guys around.

NB's - What BB's to use

Green Mountain Rangers : an Airsoft Video

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ARES M200 EDM200 Spring Power Bolt Action Sniper Rifle by eHobby Asia

GHK G5 GBB report from Public Enemy

GHK G5 GBB report from Public Enemy:
Public Enemy have been checking out the insides of the GHK G5 GBB:
Dear All, I aRick again, I believe you guys have already seen the G5 from theVideo I took last week. The last report is all about the outlook, now let’s talk about the internals.
here is the Link of this : http://www.publicenemy.com.hk/?p=7485&lang=en
I hope Everyone will love this .
Cheers, aRick (Public Enemy)

Magpul Industries - ShotShow 2013

Boots - Types and Styles

Inside Combat Rescue

Airsoft GI - New Echo 1 Prototype HMG AEG (Russian PKM)

Airsoft Shotguns: Part Deux

New Eagle Force Tracer Units & Silencer

New Eagle Force Tracer Units & Silencer:
Eagle Force Navy Seals Quick Attach Silencer
For the beginning of 2013, Eagle Force announce three new products comprised of two tracer units and one silencer unit. You can select between the quick attach or regular flourescent tracer which can only be used with 6mm tracer BBs and powered by 4 triple A batteries and the silencer is a quick attach one which means you can attach it without removing the M4 or P90 flashhiders. All of these products have Navy SEAL markings.

APS Urban Assualt Rifle Gun Review

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Help Get Airsoft Gas Guns Legalized In Sweden

Help Get Airsoft Gas Guns Legalized In Sweden:
Swedish Airsoft Gas Legalization Campaign
I never realized that the Swedish Airsoft Community, vibrant as it is, since it's also one of the most active airsoft communities in the world, are encountering an issue with regards to the purchase of the gas-powered airsoft guns, as those powered by gas such as red, green, Top, are not allowed and thus any airsoft gun that is purchased, especially from outside of Sweden, gets confiscated by Swedish Customs. Only airsoft guns powered by spring, air, or CO2 are allowed and authorities are interpreting the law strictly.

Robinson Armament XCR-RDC AEG Gun Review

Cleaning Your Airsoft Inner Barrel

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ICS M1 GARAND AEG will release in WGC very soon!

Crye Precision 2013 Catalog is here!

Crye Precision 2013 Catalog is here!:

The Crye Precision 2013 Catalog is now ready to download!
Get your copy over HERE!
crye precision 2013 catalog


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Polish Special Forces 2013 (GROM,FORMOZA,JW KOMANDOSÓW)

We Are Tactical

Gorilla Airsoft Radio #68 // Shot Show 2013

Gorilla Airsoft Radio #68 // Shot Show 2013:
Gorilla Airsoft Radio #68, Shot Show edition, is now available for download at iTunes and all the normal spots. Hear us discuss our Shot Show experience and listen to interviews from KWA, Umarex, Red Jacket Firearms, ect…Sit back, crack gorilla_airsoft_radio_logoopen a cold one and enjoy!


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Shot Show 2013 - Krebs Custom (AK rail)

ICS M1 Garand & £3000 Giveaway Winners

ICS M1 Garand & £3000 Giveaway Winners:
Firesupport ICS M1 Garand
Two news updates sent by Firesupport over the weekend. The first ones is that anticipated ICS M1 Garand AEG which is wood and metal construction is now in stock and you can order it for £385. The second one is an update of their £3000 January 2013 Prize Giveaway Winners which now reached the 25-day mark. All the details below:
"The NEW ICS M1 Garand only £385 at Firesupport

A&K LR300 (Long) Airsoft Gun Review

Umarex/VFC HK416C & M27 AEGs Coming Soon

Umarex/VFC HK416C & M27 AEGs Coming Soon:
VFC HK416C 04
Yes indeed as they've been in drawing board ever since the Gas Blowback versions were announced. According to WGC Shop, these are the Asian versions, which means you can only buy them at Asian shops (I think, correct me if I'm wrong). But since you can find them at Asian online stores when these become available, anyone in the world can order them.

Worst AIRSOFT Review Ever

Winter Airsoft Action Video

Winter Airsoft Action Video:

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Cyma prépare une nouvelle gamme d’armalites (M Series)

Cyma prépare une nouvelle gamme d’armalites (M Series):
GunFire présente sur Facebook les photos de la nouvelle gamme d’armalites de chez Cyma, qui ne devrait pas tarder à être disponible au catalogue du shop. Au programme pas moins de 12 références en corps plastique ou métal, pour tous les goûts ..

Metal Body M4: High Torque, Velocity:120-125m/s


Metal Body M4: High Torque, Velocity:120-125m/s


Metal Body M4: High Torque, Velocity:120-125m/sCM-005

Metal Body M4: High Torque, Velocity:120-125m/s


Metal Body M4: High Torque, Velocity:120-125m/s


Metal Body M4: High Torque, Velocity:120-125m/s


Plastic Body M4: Regular Torque, Velocity:110-120m/s


Plastic Body M4: Regular Torque, Velocity:110-120m/s


Plastic Body M4: Regular Torque, Velocity:110-120m/s


Plastic Body M4: Regular Torque, Velocity:110-120m/s


Plastic Body M4: Regular Torque, Velocity:110-120m/s


Metal Body M4: High Torque, Velocity:120-125m/s


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MadBull Adam Arms Gas Block Kits Released

MadBull Adam Arms Gas Block Kits Released:
Adam Arms Gas Block Kit Carbine Sys

MadBull Adam Arms Gas Block Kits Released

Adam Arms Gas Block Kit Carbine Sys
Another release from MadBull Airsoft, fully licensed from Adam Arms Gas Block Kits... "Adam Arms has been providing excellent retro-fitted gas piston systems for the AR-15/M-16 rifle in order to convert them into modern day platforms that will continue to be relevant for many more decades to come. It is because of that ingenuity that Madbull is proud to announce the airsoft version of the Adam Arms Gas Block Kit system.
Each kit comes with the famous Adam Arms gas block, interchangeable gas tubes, 10in gas tube for mid length system, and 8in one for carbine system. Each gas tube features a built in spring guide. The gas block is built with a R.I.S. rail for attachments and comes with a switch block so the user can adjust the amount of pressure that's routed backwards to cycle the bolt. Obviously this feature is only made to imitate the real product and serves no function for airsoft but it is a unique feature that displays Madbull's attention to detail in making an accurate replica.
Package includes:
  • 1x Adam Arms Gas block
  • 1x 1:1 adjustable gas tube
  • Adjustable replica switch block
  • Built-in Spring guide
  • Midlength and Carbine type gas tubes
  • Adam Arms engraved R.I.S. gas block
Click for more info and photos.

Madbull MKT"

Voodoo Tactical 2013 Catalogue

Voodoo Tactical 2013 Catalogue:
The Voodoo Tactical 2013 Catalogue is now ready for download for free! Get yours today!
Link: www.voodootactical.eu/voodoo-tactical-catalogue-pdf
voodoo tactical 2013 catalog
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"Hungover" - Airsoftology's SHOT Show 2013 Adventure

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Socom Gear "Robinson Arms XCR/RDC" now available

Socom Gear "Robinson Arms XCR/RDC" now available:
SocomGear have sent over details of their Robinson Arms XCR/RDC:
The Robinson Armament Co. SG XCR – RDC is a multi-caliber, gas piston weapon system developed by Robinson Armament Co. for U.S. Special Operations Command (SOCOM) to satisfy the requirements of the SOF Combat Assault Rifle or SCAR competition. Manufacturing by SOCOM GEAR ensures very high end quality and performance. Clocking in at about 390 FPS / 1.4j from its 120 round midcap magazine, this is most definitely an out-of-the-box skirmish ready weapon. What separates the XCR –RDC is its extended carbine length outer barrel and rear-wired fixed stock for rear battery storage. The XCR – RDC features an integrated rail system for mounting anything from vertical grips to lights. It also features a fully functional ambidextrous bolt release. It takes a standard type AR magazine so sourcing extra magazines could not be simpler. The weapon comes with a blaze orange tip flash hider. The gun will feed standard M16 magazines and uses 14mm CCW threading for more flash hider and silencer options.
Package include: - 1 x SCG XCR- RDC
- 1 x 120 round Magazine
- 1 x Manual
- 1 x cleaning rod
Features: - Carbine length outer barrel
- Rear wired, rear battery storage
- Adjustable fixed stock
- Full Length Rail
- Ambidextrous Bolt Release
- 45 Degree Fire Control Selector
- Full licensed trade marks
Click for more info and photo>>

[ODAN] S1stema Firearms - S0nny Puz1kas - Extrait Bey0nd the F1rearm

New products January 2013 - RedwolfAirsoft RWTV

KWA News - A new take on the KRISS Vector, SPHINX SDP Compact PTP & a New License

KWA News - A new take on the KRISS Vector, SPHINX SDP Compact PTP & a New License:
KWA announces sphinx sdp, KWA announces KRISS Vector AEG, KWA announces LWRC licensing, KWA News, Pyramyd Airsoft Blog, Tom Harris Media, Tominator,
Ah yes.  It seems like KWA always has an Ace up their sleeve.  Last week, for those of you that didn't know, was one of my favorite events of the year: Shot Show 2013.  It went down, as usual, in Las Vegas, Nevada, and while I was there, I stopped by the KWA booth to see what was new and exciting for 2013.  Sure, they had some cool things at their booth.  I came. I documented these things.  I left, thinking I obtained all the info there was to know.  Well, sure as I am bald, they threw a curve ball in the mix on Friday, the final day of the show.  They made more announcements previously undisclosed to the general public or even whispered in the dark corridors behind the scenes.  

For starters, one of their more exciting pistols to be released (maybe) this year, is a licensed replica of the Sphinx SDP (Special Duty Pistol) Compact.  If you've ever had the luxury of shooting a Sphinx firearm, you'd know just how wonderful these handguns are.  They're comfortable, accurate and easy to handle.  I would imagine the KWA airsoft version will cover all those bases for a home run as well.

KWA announces sphinx sdp, KWA announces KRISS Vector AEG, KWA announces LWRC licensing, KWA News, Pyramyd Airsoft Blog, Tom Harris Media, Tominator,
Image credit: KWAUSA.com
According to the copy supplied by KWA on their website, they're marketing this as the "airsoft training counterpart to the Sphinx SDP Compact."  With a statement like that, I'd expect them to attempt to mimic the firearm in every way allowable, which, undoubtedly, will make for a great Airsoft gun. 
KWA announces sphinx sdp, KWA announces KRISS Vector AEG, KWA announces LWRC licensing, KWA News, Pyramyd Airsoft Blog, Tom Harris Media, Tominator,
Image credit: KWAUSA.com
Here is a copy of some of the features & specs, which I've literally copied & pasted from their website:
"The Sphinx SDP (Special Duty Pistol) Compact by KWA is the exclusive airsoft training counterpart to the Sphinx SDP Compact. The disassembly procedures, interchangeable grips, and standard fire controls found on the firearm are recreated. The Construction of the Sphinx SDP frame combines aluminum alloy and polymer for dubilty and weight savings."

Here are some technical specifications ("Tech Specs") on the KWA Sphinx SDP Compact:
Magazine Capacity: 21 rounds
Propellant: Green gas
Inner Barrel Diameter: 6.05mm
Velocity: 340-350 FPS, with .20g BB
Special Features:
  • Gas-operated recoil blow back
  • Realistic construction & field stripping
  • Full metal alloy slide
  • Metal alloy upper frame with polymer lower frame
  • Adjustable hop-up
  • Interchangeable grip inserts
  • Ambidextrous decocking lever
  • 3-dot combat sights
  • Front and rear slide serrations
  • Accessory rail   

Some of you readers might be all current on all things Airsoft, so you may have already seen the news update on this particular gun from other channels who posted about it last week.  So let's get to the newer stuff that wasn't really talked about during the show.

Just to give you a hint or two, there is a new brand license and something cool and KRISS Vector-related.


Read the Oldies, but Goodies »

S.H.O.T. Show 2013 Recap!

S.H.O.T. Show 2013 Recap!:

S.H.O.T. Show 2013 Recap!

S.H.O.T. (Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Trade) Show 2013 happened last week. It is the first year where I was able to go S.H.O.T. Show for all four days. I was also able to go to the Media Day at the Range, where only media personnel were allowed in. Media at the Range is a day for approved media personnel to just go shoot guns. As all of you know, California is very restrictive on guns and because of that, I have never shoot a fully automatic gun before; that is until that one cold Monday morning.
After getting pass security, Bob and I ran straight to the KRISS booth where we shot the KRISS Vector. Upon arriving, the representative from KRISS immediately set us up to shoot the KRISS. The KRISS we shot were suppressed, and it was able to shoot semi automatic, 2 round burst, and automatic. Mounted with an EO Tech holographic sight, the KRISS is deadly accurate, especially on the 2 round burst. Both rounds will hit the same spot, since the gun has a high rate of fire. However, the full automatic function on the KRISS was very controllable, but it still takes time to adjust to it. After shooting the KRISS, Bob and I shot some other cool guns that are suppressed. Then we stumble upon the IWI booth where we both shot the Tavor. The weapon is very light, and it has very little recoil. Overall, Media Day at the Range was very fun, and I will never forget it.
On Tuesday, which is the first day of S.H.O.T. Show, we stopped by KWA and checked out their new releases. The gas blow back Masada caught our eye, and of course, the new line of Sphinx gas blow back pistols. According to KWA, Sphinx pistols are actually very popular in Europe, because of their quality and craftsmanship. According to KWA Mike, every Sphinx pistol is hand fitted, and therefore they have exceptional quality control. The Sphinx pistols also have a unique design, where the pistol slide is extremely low profile. But having a low profile slide, the recoil is decreased substantially, because less weight moving back equals less recoil. The airsoft version is exactly the same, which is amazing. I can’t wait until it comes out on the market.
After KWA, we passed by the Blue Force Gear booth where we met Mr. Chris Costa. The GITV Crew was lucky enough that Mr. Chris Costa gave us his time and an interview. He went over some special features on a new Blue Force Gear Bag which he has his idea implemented into. Watch the following Videos for more information.
Next we stopped by Spartan Import, where we discovered that VFC has released a gas blow back version of the Smith and Wesson M&P compact. This gun is fully licensed by Smith and Wesson, which is awesome! We also learned that G&P has produced a line of M16 VN, again, fully licensed by Colt. It was very exciting at the Spartan Import booth, because when I first started to play airsoft, the M&P, or the fully licensed Colt M16 were not available.
Our last stop for the day was Condor Outdoor. Condor has released at least four new products during S.H.O.T. Show, which were very impressive. First, they released a new low profile plate carrier called the Cyclone Plate Carrier, which can take a 10×12 inch plates. Condor also came out with a new hydration pack which can be attached to their existing chest rigs. But what surprised the GITV Crew is the fact that Condor came out with an extremely light weight chest rig, which has no MOLLE webbing. Instead of MOLLE, it uses laser cut on the fabric, which creates the MOLLE Slots. This is truly a game changer as the trend right now is lighter gear.
On day two, we went back to the KWA Booth to speak with the MagPul PTS representative about the KWA Masada and the PDR. We have received a lot questions regarding the Magpul PTS. PDR. According to Alex from PTS, the PDR is in immanent release, which means they should be here at your local airsoft store very soon. Watch the below video for full interview with Alex from PTS.
After speaking with Alex, the GITV crew went to the Umarex booth and checked out a new speed loader prototype which is a “must have” for every airsofter out there. The new speed loader will not make a mess when loading your mid capacity magazine out in the field. Also new for this year, Umarex will be coming out with the Beretta ARX 160 assault rifle replica airsoft gun. This rifle was introduced at SHOT Show last year at the Beretta Booth. It is a new rifle that uses the 5.56 NATO round. I thought it was pretty cool and I wished that they would come out with an Airsoft replica. Low and behold, Umarex manufactured the replica of this amazing rifle. I can’t wait for it to come out on the airsoft market!
G&G this year surprised us all. First they come out GK5C GL right before SHOT Show, and they released the M1 Garand at SHOT Show 2013. Watch the below video for a more detailed description.
At the ICS Booth, there are a lot of cool new stuff from ICS that will be released this year. Below is a video where Francis from ICS talks about the new releases from ICS. Also The ICS Garand is coming along and should hit the airsoft market very soon.
Last but not least, Z SHOT. The most amazing product we saw at SHOT Show this year was the Knights Armament chainsaw. The guys at Knights Armament converted a M249 into a hip firing beast. Ares has produced a replica chainsaw, with the licensing from Knights Armament. I know I can’t wait for this to come out!
There are also other cool facts from other booth that are very interesting.

Shot Show 2013 - Final Day

SHOEI MKb42(H) Blowback Version Update

SHOEI MKb42(H) Blowback Version Update:
SHOEI MKb42(H) Blowback Version
An update for interested collectors as 3 pieces are remaining for this batch of MKB42(H) airsoft blowback rifles from SHOEI and also included below is the manual for this... "Dear Friends: Thank you very much for your continued patronage. Now, we manufactured the airsoft version of the MKb42(H) this time. We manufactured only 5pcs. The mechanism of air blowback is almost the same as MP44. Prices are 160,000JPY. This is not released to our website.

SHOTShow 2013 | G&G GK5C, M1 Grand, Golden AK47 | Black Ops Airsoft

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Head office of TAF

5.11 Tactical - Always Be Ready

ASG January 2013 Newsletter & Next Generation Proline AEG’s

ASG January 2013 Newsletter & Next Generation Proline AEG’s:
ASG released their newsletter for January 2013.
Read all over HERE!
asg newsletter jan2013

Next Generation Proline AEG’s:

Defining new standards (This is the Next Generation in Airsoft.) The Next Generation Proline series has been developed to meet the requirements of experienced Airsoft users. By using enhanced parts, redesigned outer components and high-quality internals the Next Generation Proline series will impress with its quality, accuracy and upgrade possibilities – ensuring a fantastic experience right out of box. With its great attention to detail and realistic features, Next Generation Proline will appeal to both MilSim players and regular Airsoft players. Players enjoying fast action skirmishes will also appreciate the reliability and consistent accuracy of all Next Generation Proline Airsoft guns. Whatever the game, Next Generation Proline will be the preferred choice.
asg proline
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Airsoft Smith & Wesson M&P Subcompact, G&P Colt CAR 15 *Viet Nam" Era Rifle

Accessorize Your Plate Carrier DEVGRU Style! (Part 1)

Fox Airsoft SHOT Show 2013 Videos

Fox Airsoft SHOT Show 2013 Videos:ICS G33 Electric Airsoft Gun Shot Show 2013
Even if we have posted a lot of SHOT Show 2013 videos, there are still more that needed to be posted. Here's a good list of video reports by Fox Airsoft of the show at Vimeo where Jarrod and Matt took turns at presenting the products they found at the various airsoft booths such as ICS, Action Sports Games (ASG), and Umarex/Elite Force.

APS UAR (Urban Assault Rifle) Airsoft Gun Review

VFC S&W M&P40 FULL-AUTO GBB Pistol - Spartan Imports - Shot Show 2013

Magpul Industries – SHOT Show 2013

Magpul Industries – SHOT Show 2013:
Magpul_VW_Bus_Magpul_Van_wagonMagpul Industries is one of the most recognized names in the firearm industry, especially for a company that doesn’t even sell guns. What Magpul does sell is a number of extremely well designed, affordable firearm parts and accessories. Every year, Magpul announces a number of new products, all of which are well designed and ideal for a specific purpose. This year, in addition to updates to the AR parts series, Magpul released their first MOE AK accessory, the MOE AK Grip.
Magpul_MOE_AK_GripThe MOE AK Grip is essentially a basic MOE type pistol grip designed to replace an original AK or clone grip. The larger size will fit many shooters better, and while the pictured model is smooth, the final production version will feature full texturing. Another grip that Magpul announced was the MOE K2 grip. Like the MOE K PDW grip, the K2 grip uses a steeper grip angle for improved comfort when shooting in a compressed stance. However, the K2 grip uses the familiar MOE size and width when compared to the very slim MOE K grip.
Magpul_USA_MOE_Fixed_Stock_MOE_K2_M4_GripAnother unexpected release was the arrival of the MOE Fixed Stock. Unlike the MOE Rifle Stock, which fits on a rifle buffer, the MOE Fixed Stock is designed to fit onto a standard carbine buffer tube, while providing fixed stock stability. The stock features integral QD sling mount sockets, but is also compatible with the ASAP for a receiver sling mount, if desired. Since the stock installs with no gunsmithing, it is an easy install for most shooters.
Magpul has also updated their sling offerings with the MS4, or Multi Mission Sling System 4. This retains the in-house constructed hardware and the wider, more robust material of the MS3, but changes the snap hook for a QD socket. The convertible plate has dual QD mounts so it can be reconfigured to single point use from either side. If QD sockets are your thing (like if you’ve been to a Vicker’s Carbine Class) then don’t miss out on using the MS4 with the Magpul RSA QD.
The XTM Hand Stop Kit and XTM Enhanced Rail Panels were announced a while ago, but are finally shipping. The Magpul Hand Stop Kit includes two hand stop sizes, one taller and one shorter. These can be configured individually, front or rear, in any manner that suits the user. The XTM Enhanced Rail Covers feature aggressive texturing when compared to the originals; the same texturing is found on the hand stop panels.
Magpul also released their shotgun accessories for the Mossberg 500/590 series shotguns. This will allow Mossberg owners to equip their shotguns as desired. The MOE shotgun forend is compatible with all MOE accessories, include the light mount kit or scout light mount.
Finally, while most users are aware of the PMAG M3, Magpul also decided to update their .308 magazines into the new PMAG style. The PMAG LR M3 Magazines updates the 7.62×51 rifle magazines into the Gen3 or M3 PMAG. Available in 25, 20, and 10 round configurations, these are compatible with a number of AR10 or SR25 type rifles.