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Classic Army FN Herstal SCAR-L Sportline Airsoft Gun

Classic Army FN Herstal SCAR-L Sportline Airsoft Gun:
The new Classic Army SCAR-L Sportline Airsoft Gun is the first fully licensed FN Herstal SCAR Light AEG in a more affordable package. For those looking for cheap airsoft guns, the CA SCAR-L Sportline isn’t made cheap, but it is almost half of what the high-end SCAR-L airsoft rifles cost. Classic Army, with the official FN Herstal licensing, is offering a quality entry-level SCAR-L airsoft gun, and doing it at a price almost anyone can afford.
The SCAR-L was designed for US SOCOM as an improvement to the M4. It features a collapsible folding stock with an adjustable cheek-piece. This allows for compact storage and transport, as well as adjustment for use with or without body armor and/or a scope. The SCAR-L is also ambidextrous, featuring an ambi fire selector and magazine release. The charging handle can be switched to either side.Externally, the Classic Army Sportline SCAR-L is extremely well put together. While a lot of inexpensive airsoft rifles are shoddily assembled, with parts that don’t fit well, the CA SCAR-L is the opposite. The parts are precisely built and fitted. As shown in our video review, the sights and fire selector are quite crisp. They don’t have any play or slop in the components. Both the front and rear sights flip down. The upper receiver features a full length rail, which is ideal for a red dot and magnifier, and still leaves space for a PEQ15.

While a real SCAR rifle uses polymer furniture and lower components and a metal upper, the Sportline SCAR-L uses a polymer upper as well. With the design of the rifle, the upper receiver is still extremely strong, since it’s 1 piece front to back. The side accessory rails are constructed of metal for durability, even when attaching and detaching lights or other accessories. The design of the AEG itself matches the CA Proline Mk16, down to the battery installation and disassembly.
The gearbox is a standard Classic Army Sportline gearbox. It’s a V2 design running 6mm metal bushings. These gearboxes, while not tricked out like some upgraded models, are very robust. We tested it on both a 7.4v 2200Mah and an 11.1v 1200Mah battery and did not notice any issues. The Sportline SCAR-L prominently features the recognizable blue cylinder and barrel. These aluminum components do work well out of the box, but a properly installed tightbore barrel can increase the accuracy.

The CA Sportline SCAR-L comes packed securely in it’s box with the same organizer insert that accompanies the sportline LWRCs. In this kit, Classic Army also included a number of basic paper targets. A bullseye, a deer, and a serial killer. So, whether you enjoy target shooting, hunting, or taking down criminals, there’s something there for everyone.
Performance wise, the SCAR-L shoots 380-390FPS out of the box with a .20g BB. This makes it well suited for outdoor play. Range was quite good, with a maximum reach of about 180-190 feet firing .20g BBs. The trigger response was snappy as well. We mainly used the 7.4v 2200Mah lipo, which has plenty of power for rapid-fire in semi-auto.
The light weight of the Sportline SCAR-L made it easy to carry for long periods. Some players really like the construction, as it feels solid while being a cinch to sling or maneuver with. While it doesn’t have the same realistic feel that some full metal AEGs do, it is obviously well built, and the quality is apparent in details like the safety and flip sights. Overall, the Classic Army SCAR-L Sportline is a great option for someone looking for a versatile AEG, or for anyone that’s really set on the SCAR-L platform.

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