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SPEED Airsoft Releases Tool for APS-2 Cylinder

SPEED Airsoft Releases Tool for APS-2 Cylinder:
SPEED Airsoft Releases Tool for APS-2 Cylinder

If you don't know SPEED Airsoft from their high performance upgrades and high quality tools, then you should definitely check them out!

Recently they have launched a Tool for APS-2 Cylinders that allows the owner or technical staff to easily take off the nozzle from the cylinder since one of the main concerns is the fact that the brass nozzle used on the APS-2 cylinder can be easily damaged during removal due to the thin flats that most wrenches cannot get a firm grip and the pressure against the nozzle from the spring within the cylinder.

This tool is compatible with APS-2 sniper rifles that include UTG, Classic Army M24 and Maruzen.

I would also recommend you to visit their site and find out more about other very useful tools for Airsofter such as the SPEED Delta Ring Wrench, or the SPEED M4/M16 Tool.

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