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New Tokyo Marui Product Teaser Photos

New Tokyo Marui Product Teaser Photos:
TM New Products Teaser 52nd All Japan Model Hobby Show
The 52nd All Japan Model Hobby Show is one big event that Tokyo Marui prepares for to unveil their new products. And with their tradition of putting teaser photos of these new products before the show, here are four snap shots of four products. One thing for sure there will be another "New Generation AEG" as they mentioned to us and something that many of us will be excited to know about.

How to maintain Gas Blow Back Pistols and Rifles

Windy Shot Cyma Airsoft Magazine - Literal Engrish Instructions


Hicapa Magazine Mod

SHOEI MG42 GBB Magazine test

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Guarder Full Metal CO2 Blowback Mini-UZI

Guarder Full Metal CO2 Blowback Mini-UZI:
Guarder Full Metal CO2 Blowback Mini-UZI
Now this cutie as pictured is the Guarder Full Metal CO2 Blowback Mini-Uzi. This is based on the KWC C02 Blowback Aluminium Receiver which is a new design for 2012. This has an initial muzzle velocity of 1.4joules with 0.20g BBs which is around 390fps which is hard hitting, especially in CQB situations so it's more recommended in woodland games as a backup SMG as it's small enough to be a back-up machine pistol.

New from Madbull: Spike Tactical havoc launcher 12”/9"

New from Madbull: Spike Tactical havoc launcher 12”/9":
Madbull have sent over details of their new Spikes Tactical havoc launchers:
The Spike Tactical Havoc BB launcher is a high quality and affordable full metal launcher. It features the latest in design and manufacturing technology. The Havoc launcher is designed to be either rail mounted or mounted to a separate standalone unit. It simply requires sliding the launcher onto the bottom rail of the hand guard and tightening two set screws which are included. Its full metal construction makes it extremely durable. You can use all Mad Bull B.B. Showers without any problems.
Package include:
  • Ability to mount on any rail system or standalone unit
  • Light weight and durable 
  • Compatible with all Mad bull B.B. shower shells.
  • Full Metal construction
  • Easy to deploy and remove
More Info and Photo>>

Warsoft Mag n°31

Warsoft Mag n°31:
Quelques informations à communiquer de la part de Warsoft ! Tout d’abord le premier épisode de Warsoft TV tournés au SGS sont désormais en ligne sur la chaîne Youtube de l’émission. Côté magazine, le numéro 31 d’Octobre 2012 paraîtra en kiosques à partir de demain.

Warsoft n°31
Date de Parution : 28/09/2012
À l’heure où le salon Shooting & Games Show 2012 ouvrait ses portes au sein du Parc des expositions de la Porte de Versailles, à Paris, les pages de ce Warsoft n°31 étaient déjà en cours d’impression. Il vous faudra donc attendre le mois prochain pour découvrir notre reportage complet.
Pour vous faire patienter et vous en donner un avant-goût, nous en distillons des infos régulièrement via notre site et notre page Facebook.
Ce salon de l’airsoft et du tir de loisirs fut d’ailleurs l’occasion de vous présenter notre nouveau bébé, lui aussi entièrement dédié à la promotion de notre passion commune :, chaine du Net sur laquelle vous pouvez justement découvrir un sujet consacré au SGS 2012.
Dans ce numéro nous nous sommes efforcés de mettre en avant les répliques d’entrée de gamme, pour les budgets serrés de la rentrée (Steyr AUG A3 Sportline, Mosin-Nagant 91-30 cheap, M15 A4 Sportline, M14 SLV d’ASG), tout en gardant de la place pour quelques beaux GBB, tels que le XDM .40 de Tokyo Marui et le Tanfoglio Limited Cybergun. Il est en effet bien beau de rêver sur de superbes airsoft guns, mais il faut également savoir raison garder de temps en temps…
Notre rubrique technique se voit consacrée à la transformation d’une crosse de Benelli Tactical en Super 90.
Enfin, côté « souvenirs de l’été », nous vous relatons quelques belles OP ensoleillées : Mad World 5, Gori 2, ou bien encore Marines vs Expandables.
N’oublions pas nos habituels rendez-vous : rubrique technique, BD Faust, scénario, jeux vidéo et cinéma, ainsi que notre jeu-concours, cette fois-ci doté d’un Steyr AUG A3 Sportline offert par ActionSportGames.

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Gunfire photo contest 2012

Gunfire photo contest 2012:
Gunfire have launched their 2012 photo contest:
Hello! Gunfire proudly announces new contest! This time you’ll get to shoot your camera instead of your gun. So – a photo contest. It doesn’t have any lead theme, the only thing is that the photos need to show airsoft as a hobby.
It is very likely, that we will use the winning photos when preparing the Gunfire 2013 calendar – though that’s not sure yet :)
For more info, please visit contest’s site:

New AK and PKM from Rifle Dynamics and Echo1 USA Silverback Airsoft PP-19 Review Silverback Airsoft PP-19 Review: Silverback Airsoft PP-19 Review
This is the first comprehensive review of the Silverback PP-19 Bizon and comes with a full takedown of the AEG and here's's take... "PP19 BIZON-2 SMG AEG produced by Silverback Airsoft company is made with precision and is tightly fit. It makes good impression since the first contact. Being heavy and made from steel, the PP19 AEG may be disassembled similarly to the real gun (pinned parts) - those factors cause this AEG to be very realistic.

Grenade Launcher Showdown - Old vs New - ICS GLM-190 vs KA M79

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BFGX-M84 & BFGX-M84X Impact grenades for training & airsoft

MAGPUL Newsletter // MOE Rifle stock now shipping

MAGPUL Newsletter // MOE Rifle stock now shipping:

The Magpul MOE Rifle Stock is now shipping! The MOE Rifle Stock is a drop-in replacement for “AR15/M16 A1 and A2 rifle” stocks utilizing the standard rifle-length receiver extension (buffer tube). Designed as a basic upgrade, the stock features an integral 1.25″ sling loop that can be used as a butt hook for sand bag or support hand weapon control, optional dual-side front and rear QD mounting points, compatibility with PRS and PRS Extended Rubber Butt-pads, and large internal storage compartment accessible through the rear storage door.
Black is shipping now, and Flat Dark Earth, OD Green and Foliage are coming in October 2012. MSRP $69.95
More info…HERE!

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SilverBack Airsoft PP19 Bizon Review (HD) - RedWolf Airsoft RWTV

Incoming! PolarStar Version 3 Fusion Engine

Incoming! PolarStar Version 3 Fusion Engine:
PolarStar Version 3 Fusion Engine
The PolarStar Airsoft folks are expanding the line for their HPA-powered Fusion Enginer Drop-In Gearbox as they're now about to release the gearbox for Version 3 airsoft guns. Now AK players will get to taste PolarStar after the M4s and M249 airsoft guns. "We're getting closer! The Version 3 is going through the final stages of prototyping and we are currently working on compatibility between brands/models. Here we have it in ECHO 1's new AMD-65. Still some tweaking to be done but Santa might just be bringing some V3 Fusion Engines down the chimney this year."

G&G RK104

SPEED Airsoft Releases Tool for APS-2 Cylinder

SPEED Airsoft Releases Tool for APS-2 Cylinder:
SPEED Airsoft Releases Tool for APS-2 Cylinder

If you don't know SPEED Airsoft from their high performance upgrades and high quality tools, then you should definitely check them out!

Recently they have launched a Tool for APS-2 Cylinders that allows the owner or technical staff to easily take off the nozzle from the cylinder since one of the main concerns is the fact that the brass nozzle used on the APS-2 cylinder can be easily damaged during removal due to the thin flats that most wrenches cannot get a firm grip and the pressure against the nozzle from the spring within the cylinder.

This tool is compatible with APS-2 sniper rifles that include UTG, Classic Army M24 and Maruzen.

I would also recommend you to visit their site and find out more about other very useful tools for Airsofter such as the SPEED Delta Ring Wrench, or the SPEED M4/M16 Tool.

A&K Masada Review - from CQB Radio and Airsoft Station

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Russian PPSH-41 Sub-Machine Gun!!!

Win a trip to Taiwan with G&G Armament

Win a trip to Taiwan with G&G Armament:
Purchase a G&G gun to be in with a chance of winning a trip to Taiwan:
Registration for "Free Trip To Taiwan" is now live!!
Every G&G gun you purchase is a lottery ticket to win.
6 lucky winners will win a Free Trip to Taiwan. In addition, there will be one "Lucky Draw" winner per month. By registering, you will be entered into both contests.
Free Trip to Taiwan Contest:

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Knight's Armament High End Airsoft Guns

Polar Star Fusion Engine Now Available for the Echo1 M240B

Polar Star Fusion Engine Now Available for the Echo1 M240B:
Polar Star has built the amazing Fusion Engine for the licensed Ohio Ordnance Works M240B airsoft machine gun from Echo1. Now you can enjoy insane rates of fire and adjust the velocities of your M240B using Polar Star's infamous HPA ( High Pressure Air ) system. The M240B kit comes with a blue nozzle giving velocities of 380 to 435 fps. Installation is a simple as dropping the "gearbox" in. Just add a remote dual regulated air rig with an HPA tank and you are ready to go. The Polar Star HPA Fusion Engine is proudly made in the U.S.A. and comes with a 6 month warranty. Check your local airsoft store for them.

King Arms _____13,000 likes giveaway two pcs Thompson M1A1

King Arms _____13,000 likes giveaway two pcs Thompson M1A1: Hi all,King Arms have a new event ,

Thank you very much for all your participations for the King Arms 5,000 "Like and Share" event.

Are you ready for another round?

This time we are aiming for 13,000 "Likes", and we will draw two Thompson M1A1 Military Grand Special-Gold AEG (KA-AG-66-GD)!

Let's see how fast we can reach 13,000...

Gunfire // 2012 photo contest

Gunfire // 2012 photo contest:

Time for another of Gunfire’s famous competitions. This time you’ll get to shoot your camera instead of your gun. So – a photo contest. It doesn’t have any lead theme, the only thing is that the photos need to show airsoft as a hobby.
It is very likely, that we will use the winning photos when preparing the Gunfire 2013 calendar – though that’s not sure yet :)
The photos don’t have to be made specially for the contest, they can be even your old photos made a year or two ago – it’s your free will and all up to you. But we do hope that the quality will be at least comparable to the prizes we have for you.
What are the prizes?
1st place: winner can choose one of replica, from list below:

- CM032 EBR (
- WEA001AEG – ASCU Upgraded (
- LCK105 NV (
- GF46 RS (
- CM052-S (
2nd place: WE-G18C Gen. 3 (
3rd place: WE-057 (
Audience Award – we will give you more details soon.
+ unlimited amount of special prizes awarded for a wide range of reasons.
Like each competition, this one also needs a short list of regulations.
1. The competition last from September 18th 2012 until October 14th 2012, 23:59 CET.

2. To participate in the contest, an e-mail must be sent to titled „Gunfire’s Photo Contest” containing from one to three photos as attachments.

3. The minimum resolution of a photo is 10 Mpx.

4. If the original photos are too large to be sent via e-mail, they can be converted or re-sized – provided the e-mail will contain information on the original’s size and resolution, and that the original will be supplied upon demand.

5. The person sending the photos must be the owner of all legal rights (including copyright) to that particular photography.

6. All photos sent to the contest become property of Gunfire; the legal owner of the photography agrees on further processing and use of the photo by Gunfire.

7. Winners (places 1st – 3rd) will be subjectively chosen after October 14th by a special committee.

8. The Audience Award will also be granted, based on an open voting process taking place on Gunfire’s Facebook site.

9. The date the results will be posted shall be announced after October 14th.

10. Gunfire holds the right to exclude any photo from the competition without giving a reason.

11. Gunfire holds the right to change or alter the competition’s regulations.

12. Final interpretation of the regulations is that of Gunfire.
So much for the official part, now some advice and a short summary:
1. Point 6. refers mainly to the fact, that the photo may be used in the Gunfire 2013 calendar.

2. We remind you that the theme of the contest is airsoft – with all it’s pros and cons – so it is sure that photos showing airsoft players wearing eye protection or during activities more common to airosft than to regular military will be judged higher.

3. Photos showing real people will be preferred to those showing guns or gear.

4. PhotoShop is useful… as long as you know when to stop. That’s why, in most cases, strongly altered photos will have a smaller possibility of winning. We wish to reward the photographer,not the post-producer :)

5. Of course all accents linked with Gunfire will be welcomed, but again – don’t overdo it; we wouldn’t want it to be something that would spoil the composition or steal the show.

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S&S Precision // new website launched

S&S Precision // new website launched:

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Umarex HK G36c Sportline

Tactical Girls Calendar 2013 Now Available

Tactical Girls Calendar 2013 Now Available:
TacGirls Calendar 2013
Time to order next year's Tactical Girls Calendar as it's now in stock at Mil-Spec Monkey's Online Store for US$16.95... "The 2013 calendar features 13 months of hot women with the best gear and guns available, including Tactical Tailor! The calendar has been produced in association with an actual Class III firearms dealer and trained professionals for maximum authenticity."

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Ordering the Costa M&P9

Ordering the Costa M&P9:
ATEi shared some info about ordering the upcoming Costa M&P9. No details on specs or price yet.
Ordering of the Chris Costa M&P9 Pistols will be done initially by EMAIL. We think this will be the easiest and most fair way to go about this. How it will work is like this:

Our New website will go live with Pictures, Price and Full Description of both the Full Size and Pro Series Pistols.
THE DAY AFTER IT GOES LIVE At 12NOON EASTERN TIME (THE NEXT DAY)-If you would like to purchase a pistol you will need to Email us with your Full Name, Address and Telephone Number.
Our Web Site should be live September 20th 2012
No emails for orders will be accepted before September 21th 2012 12:00 noon Eastern time.
Any emailed orders received before this date and time will be deleted without notice.

Any emailed orders received without name, address and telephone number will be deleted without notice.

Time stamp for emails will be when I receive them on my end, not when you send it from your end.
When we have all the guns accounted for we will begin calling customers for payment and FFL information.
Limited to ONE per customer.

Please do not send more than one email.

Please do not call to see if “you got one”.

Please do not Facebook me asking if “you got one”.

Please do not be a clownshoed soupsandwich.

Tokyo Marui M9A1 GBB Quick Review (HD) - RWTV

Madbull // New PRI GIII Delta–carbon fiber edition

Madbull // New PRI GIII Delta–carbon fiber edition:

If you are into small arms history, you must have heard of SPR (Special Purpose Rifle.)
The SPR, used by Special Operations Forces of both the U.S. Army and U.S. Navy, is a heavily modified light sniper/designated marksman variation of the AR-15/M16 line of infantry weapons, and is chambered for NATO standard 5.56×45mm ammunition.
The first SPR adopted famous PRI Gen I and Gen II carbon-fiber free-float handguard.
One very important feature of PRI handguard is its carbon fiber main body. The carbon fiber can stop heat transfer from barrel to the handguard.
Now, MadBull is proudly introducing fully licensed PRI handguard rails to Airsoft industries.
More Info and Photo>>

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WE P226 Navy (F226 / Seal Team Six)

NightHawk Custom GRP and Talon Deluxe Version Review (HD) - RWTV

Haley Strategic : Disruptive Environments: Handgun / Darkness / Vehicle

King Arms Colt M4 with GHK Gas Blow Back Kit Initial Performance Review

Airsoft Medicine September 2012 Podcast

Airsoft Medicine September 2012 Podcast:
Dr. Airsoft and Rangemaster Larry of Airsoft Medicine
With California SB 1315 signed by Governer Brown and will take effect on the 1st of January 2013 Dr. Airsoft and Rangemaster Larry of Airsoft Medicine, in their September Podcast, will put some cheer for those who feel sad about the development. And as Dr. Airsoft said in his email to us "Let Rangemaster Larry put a smile back on your face."

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New MadBull Airsoft PBS AK Suppressors

New MadBull Airsoft PBS AK Suppressors:
Tominator: New Madbull PBS AK Suppressors
The Tominator of the Pyramyd Airsoft Blog (and also Airsoft Obsessed) reports about the upcoming MadBull PBS AK Supperessors... "MadBull Airsoft was kind enough to send me some pre-production samples of their new PBS mock suppressors or barrel extensions, and my my, aren't they breathtaking! Even for pre-production samples, these things may as well be the final production versions. The CNC machine work on them is outstanding.

G&G RK47 - Oh no! Oddy has another AK!!!!

How to Increase the FPS of Your Airsoft AEG for Free - KWA M4 CQR MOD2

How to Increase the FPS of Your Airsoft AEG for Free - KWA M4 CQR MOD2:

For anyone who's been following me here on the Pyramyd Airsoft Blog over the last several weeks, you've no doubt seen all the Airsoft action footage I've uploaded to the Pyramyd Airsoft YouTube Channel where either myself or my good friend, Trent F. Warren, were slaying tangos with the KWA M4 CQR MOD2 AEG.  This rifle is a great option for anyone who wants the high performance that KWA guns are known for, without having to go over budget to get one.  

The CQR MOD2 has been a great rifle, but I did notice that the FPS seemed a bit low for what it was rated for by the manufacturer.  FPS was a little more inconsistent that what I'd like to see in an AEG, so I decided to tear this thing down a bit and see about sealing up the hop-up assembly to see if that would help (it usually does). 

To do a proper evaluation of the results of your attempts to improve performance, it is essential to perform an accuracy and/or chrono test, whichever is applicable, prior to beginning your tuning procedures.  Luckily, I remembered to do this before I got started, which isn't always the case.  

Here are the chrono results before any improvements or upgrades were performed on the CQR, using Elite Force .20g BBs:
=/- average (standard deviation): 11.5 fps
Spread: 45 fps
Average FPS: 308.1

So, as you can see, it's a bit more inconsistent than I'd like.  

Read the Oldies, but Goodies »

RAIDER Magazine // Volume5 Issue6 out now!

RAIDER Magazine // Volume5 Issue6 out now!:
Subscribers will have already received their copies – have you got yours ?

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ASG // Newsletter September 2012

ASG // Newsletter September 2012:

Check out the latest newsletter from ASG for September 2012.
Click HERE to read it!

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Elite Force HK G36C Competition Series Airsoft Gun

Recoil Gun Magazine Issue No. 4

Recoil Gun Magazine Issue No. 4:
Recoil Gun Magazine Issue No. 4
With the announcement of the Recoil Gun Magazine Issue No. 4, the article about the H&K MP7A1 raised a howl of protests from their readers as they take issue with the U.S. 2nd Amendment of not having access to this weapon for civilian use. We haven't read the issue yet so we cannot say anything about it. Anyway, contetns include the Noveske 300BLK SVR, the Keltec KSG, Christ Costa, Suppressors and more.

SilverBack Airsoft Bizon PP 19 Shooting Test

Green Gas Vs Propane

HK417 DMR VFC Elite Force Airsoft AEG

Elite Force - Flip Up Sights Review

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QD Transform GB is a new generation gearbox with rear line

QD Transform GB is a new generation gearbox with rear line:

- "QD Transform" gearbox is a new generation gearbox with all the unique & great features of a STAR / ARES (QR gearbox) and Deepfire gearbox (Micro switch)

- This gearbox has an unique shell, spring guide, selector plate, cut-off lever and trigger, all other parts are compatible with regular AEG Ver.2 8mm M4 gearboxes

- 2pcs 8mm ball bearings, 4pcs metal bushings

- Replaces all major brand M4 standard gearbox

- Version 2 gearbox with rear wire

- Easy power upgrade system

- Quick release spring and spring guide for easy power adjustment / spring replacement

- Micro switch operation for shorter & better electric range

- Faster trigger response design

- Featuring "spring release" function.

- Full metal reinforced chassis / gearbox with metal gear set

- Transformer gearbox will work with most AEG M4 Platforms (Modification may be required)

Inoktasu Colt M1911 Steel (CO2) reviewed by

Sneak preview of upcoming King Arms rifles

Sneak preview of upcoming King Arms rifles:
King Arms have sent over some images of their new rifles in production:
Hello everyone! I hope you guys like the newest Kalashnikov Wood Pattern Air Cocking and AEG rifles and the other KA gadgets. I just got back from factory and there are some things I would like to share with you.

This is almost ready for production, the R93 Tactical 2. Here is some tech info:
CNC machined 6065 aluminum one piece barrel
6.03mm inner barrel (Marui style)
Steel flash hider
CNC machined 6065 aluminum rail mount
Aluminum receiver
Zinc Alloy moving bolt parts
Nylon Fiber one piece stock with all adjustable functions.
Rubber Stock End
Adjustable hop up system
Metal magazine with nylon fiber outer case

We did a little test and found that the power now is around 450fps with 0.2BB, using green gas. There will be CO2 magazine too and I am really looking forward to test it again.
Enjoy the pics!


And then we just received some other samples in our office for photo shooting, which means that you will be seeing these beauties coming out shortly.…

The Blaser R93 LRS1 Air Cocking Rifles in BK and DE




And then couple M4s


(King Arms)