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Hunteering courses from 6mm Hunters

Hunteering courses from 6mm Hunters:

6mm Hunters have sent over some details of their new Hunteering courses
We have a 2 page article in Airsoft Action magazine this month about them. Our youtube channel is approaching 2 million views. After years of people asking to come and play; we have managed to arrange access to the best location for this activity. It is in the North East of England, ideal for players from both Scotland and the midlands. Basically it is a 2 day course based on many relevant skills to using fieldcraft, stealth and cunning in a tough Hunteering Event or multiday, Airsoft game.
The Sport is an extreme form of play, designed to be tough and offer the best sense of achievement. The course and sport, is based around bolt action rifles and pistols; no full automatic Airsoft guns are allowed (you can semi auto). I guess it is an Airsoft sniper’s dream. Here is a look at what sort of topics will be covered on the course…
The course is only £42.50 for the weekend, with places limited to only 10. Price includes all ammo (which must be biodegradable) and if you score enough points in the many training games to prove competency; you receive a pewter cap badge and right to enter full Hunteering events in the future.
Here is an example of the style of training games, that competitors will play;
visit our website for details ( I am also the forum leader on Arnies Sniper Haven section. Hopefully all those hardcore snipers out there will realise this is something special and a real reason to don their ghillies.
Good Hunting ;) (6mm Hunters)

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