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DIY - How to Paint Snakeskin Camo on Tactical Gear

DIY - How to Paint Snakeskin Camo on Tactical Gear:
Today's topic may take you aback for a minute or two.  I'm going to talk about applying freakin' spray paint to tactical nylon gear.  Why?  Simple.  Vanity.  Let's face it.  For the majority of us out there, Airsoft is all about looking good.  Who cares if you call your hits, as long as you look good while cheating, you're totally legit, right?  Wrong, of course, but before I get too far into sarcasm town, let's fall back and address the painted nylon.
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When the idea was first bestowed upon me by a good friend, I was appalled.  PAINT YOUR KIT?1?!  Sacrilege.  But then, once I saw how much better it made the gear look, I started to come around to the idea.  Then, last week, I picked up a new Condor plate carrier for a little last minute stealth mission, but didn't have any matching pouches to go with it.  All I had were an assortment of 5.11 Viking Tactics (VTAC) pouches in OD Green or Coyote Tan, so as you can see below, my kit was looking less than stellar.  So I called up my buddy, Jon, over at Insight Interactive CQB Arena and said, "Time to get your 'Tactical Monet' on and paint my new kit."  You'll also notice I've got one of those super sweet, super fake Crye Precision Air Frame knockoff helmets there, too.  Mine finally arrived the same day I got my new vest, so then I said, "Well, heck.  Gotta have consistency in my overall appearance."  So the brand new helmet and brand new vest each went under the spray can.   
how to paint snakeskin camo on your tactical gear, pyramyd airsoft blog, tom harris media, tominator, insight interactive airsoft cqb,
The story doesn't end here, though.  I figured that if I was going to go through the trouble of this process, I would at least document it for you to check out at home (or likely, work) and perhaps inspire you to do the same to yours.

Check out my tutorial on how to paint snakeskin camo on your tactical gear after the jump...

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KWA LM4 GBBR M4 Stress Test Gauntlet - FPS/Accuracy/Sideway...

Interview with Chris Costa

Tokyo Marui PX4 Pistol

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AST KSC HK45 review

Zeta Lab Mosin Nagant airsoft

MP5K Disassembly

MP5K Disassembly:

Here is another step by step post on how to diassemble the Tokyo Marui MP5K.

We are going to turn this MP5K into the one pictured above.

Remove this pin by pushing the nubs inward so you can pull it out on the other side.

Now pull out the front grip which also serve as a handguard. Inside you can see the fuse and the connector to the battery.

Now also remove these two pins that holds the back plate.

After removing the back plate, carefully pull out the two wires that connects the gearbox to the upper receiver.

Now using a small phillips screwdrver remove this screw to pull out the selecter switch on the left and pull it out on the right.

I forgot to take photo, but the next step is to remove the pin above the magazine catch, this pin holds the lower and upper receiver together.

Now turn it upside down and remove these two screws under the grip to gain access to the motor.

After removing the screws, the grip plate should come off easily. There is also a metal disc, this is very important to your gun. This disc serves as a motor tension when adjusting the meshing of the motor's pinion gear to the bevel gear.

Then remove the two wires that connects the motors.

Remove the motor and remove these two screws inside the grip.

Once all the screws are removed, you can pull the lower receiver out.

Then remove the gearbox carefully.

And there you have, you should have all the parts as shown above.

KJW M9A1 Special Full Metal GBB Pistol

KJW M9A1 Special Full Metal GBB Pistol:
If you can't wait for the newly announced Tokyo Marui M9A1 gas blowback airsoft pistol, why not check the KJ Works M9A1 Special Full Metal Version? This replica has full metal slide and barrel assembly and is much more powerful than default TM pistols at 320fps with Top Gas. You can also operate this on CO2 by getting the M9A1 CO2 magazine. And since it's a KJW, it's also much more affordable.

New ARES Airsoft Upgrade Gear Sets

New ARES Airsoft Upgrade Gear Sets:
Ares Airsoft Upgrade Gear Set
ARES Airsoft release their series of upgrade gear sets. These are hardened steel mechanical gear sets and you can choose either having a high speed gear or high torque ones. Interestingly, they have some really high torque, double torque, and triple torque ones. Depending on your need, one these sets may just meet your needs.
Ask your retailers if they already these available.

Hop-Up Bucking Review (HD) - RWTV

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APS Hakkotsu trip wire grenade

ROCK ZB 26 AEG Airsoft Gun

FN40GL – new from CyberGun

FN40GL – new from CyberGun:
FN40GL®-L FN Herstal. Grenade launcher for Scar Series.

A-TACS FG on the next edition of Airsoft International

A-TACS FG on the next edition of Airsoft International:
A-TACS FG on the next edition of Airsoft International

  That’s right! The great guys over at AI are prepping another great edition of the Airsofters favorite magazine. Next month’s issue of Ai will most certainly feature a look at A-TACS Foliage Green from the AI Team and from the sneak peak they showed at their Facebook page its starting to look great! So stay sharp and ask your local dealer to reserve you a copy cause I think these will sell fast!!

AST KSC HK45 review

ICS Reveal Their New M4 Logo Design

ICS Reveal Their New M4 Logo Design:

In case you might wonder when you buy ICS M4 AEGs in the following weeks and months and they have a different marking, here's the announcement from them about their new logo design last 25 May... "The brand new logo from ICS. The new design transforms the ICS characters into the chess symbol of the king to embody the meaning 'kingly demeanor'. It also uses the simple round shapre and geometry to symbolize 'global vision'.
'Kingly demeanor' and 'global vision' is our design meaning for the M4 brand new logo. They represent our product design and quality that is leading the top of the airsoft industry and great appreciation from world-wide marketing.
The new M4 logo is released today. Product form, quality, and performance remain as the original ICS M4."

TM Colt Government Mk IV Series 70 Review

TM Colt Government Mk IV Series 70 Review:
Epic Airsoft HD TM Colt Government 1911 Mk IV Series 70 Review
Every Sunday, Epic Airsoft HD gives a review of newest airsoft guns in the market. In their latest episode, they review the Tokyo Marui Colt Government 1911 Mk IV Series 70. This review is divided into videos with the first one being the teaser which shows the unboxing of the package whilst the second is the full take on the pistol.
If you don't want to miss their reviews, better check the Epic Airsoft HD YouTube Channel every Sunday.

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WE M4 AEG airsoft review + 30m range test

- BOLT B4A1 M4 Airsoft AEG EBB Gun Rifle Ep 103

WE P-228 & G-19

Airsoft International Mag June 2012 Issue

Airsoft International Mag June 2012 Issue:
Airsoft International June 2012 Issue
Latest issue of Airsoft International Magazine is now available at your favourite airsoft retailer. I saw one at WH Smith last week, though that store doesn't count as an airsoft retailer. This issue covers the operators from the Land Down Under, the Desert Eagle pistol, the Evolution Lonestar SBR M4, plust tops and an interview with Brandon Webb.

King Arms Airsoft M4 with GHK GBB

KAC Gear Online Store To Open Soon

KAC Gear Online Store To Open Soon:
KAC Gear
Knight's Armament Company (KAC) goes into merchandising as the KAC Gear online store is to open soon. No firearms will be sold as KAC Gear will cover tactical accessories, gear, and men and women's apparel. No definite date indicated at the website, but what we're looking forward to are more details about the Knight Light Tactical Flashlight.
Here's a screenshot of the online store, you can click on it to find out more about the site.

U.S. Army Bans Polymer M4 Magazines

U.S. Army Bans Polymer M4 Magazines:
Magpul PMAG 2012 Catalog
This might be a case of military bureaucracy overriding practical considerations. According to Military Times, the U.S. Army TACOM Life Cycle Management Command issued a "safety of use message" last month, placing polymer magazines in an unauthorized list. Primarily, the Magpul PMAG M4 Magazine is affected much by this ban as it's the most widely used M4 polymer magazine in the Army.

Madbull Troy Battle Axe Grip-CQB

Madbull Troy Battle Axe Grip-CQB:
Madbull have sent over details of their Troy Battle Axe Grip CQB:
Excellent ergonomics and the enduring strength of advanced, high grade polymer shape the new Troy Battle Ax Pistol Grip. This no-nonsense grip sets your hand close to the receiver and the fine tuned angling leads your arm and shoulder into a high-comfort, high-contour zone. In fact, the compact length assures you get a perfect grip every time. The Enhanced AX CQB features more aggressive scale pattern for a solid grip.
  • Perfect grip everytime
  • Unique "scale" texture provides comfort and a functional non slip surface
  • Durable polymer
  • Authentic Troy Industries Battle Axe Grip trademark
  • High Contour Zone
  • Comfortable
Package include:

  • Grip
  • Motor plate
  • Motor height screw
  • mounting hardware
More Info and Photo: http://tinyurl.com/troygrip

Silverback Airsoft PP-19 Bizon Coming Soon

Silverback Airsoft PP-19 Bizon Coming Soon:
Silverback Airsoft PP-19 Bizon
It seems that Silverback Airsoft is expanding its product line from airsoft accessories and upgrade parts to actual airsoft guns and they took a surprising route by not going through the usual "MEH" airsoft guns. RedWolf Airsoft posted at their Facebook Page a teaser photo that Silverback Airsoft will be releasing the PP-19 Bizon which would surely excite many airsofters, especially in Europe.

KWA MK23 w/ RA-TECH CNC Slide & Barrel

KWA MK23 w/ RA-TECH CNC Slide & Barrel:
KWA MK23 with RA-TECH CNC Steel Slide & Barrel
This is a nice find on YouTube, as this custom KWA MK23 SOCOM Pistol looks massive with attachments such as the LAM unit and Suppressor. This is customised with the RA-Tech CNC'd Steel Slide and Barrel whilst the Tokyo Marui LAM unit was modified to fit in its under rail. The Suppressor is the G&P MK23 KAC fitted in with a TM 16mm CW thread adapter.

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MadBull Daniel Defense MFR Now Available

MadBull Daniel Defense MFR Now Available:

MadBull Daniel Defense MFR 12”


Tokyo Marui – MP7 GBB, P90 HC and M9A1 Preview

Tokyo Marui – MP7 GBB, P90 HC and M9A1 Preview:
Last week some intel from the Shizuoka Hobby Show about the new products like the MP7 GBB, M9A1 and P90 High Cycle from Tokyo Marui hit the net. Now you can download on Tokyo Maruis website the PDFs to this products. Visit the Tokyo Marui website with click on the mainimage. For demonstration you see some nice videos and a Link to images (http://www.x-fire.org) from the Shizuoka Hobby Show attached.




Link to this post!

AATV Video Review: Socomgear Lone Wolf Timberwolf & Kel-Tec PMR-30


Hyperdouraku TM SCAR-H EBB Review

Hyperdouraku TM SCAR-H EBB Review:
Hyperdouraku TM SCAR-H
Yas of the Hyperdouraku airsoft blog reviews the Tokyo Marui SCAR-H with blowback and recoil AEG this time. He finds that even using the 520-round magazine, the balance is well and you will notice the difference between this high-capacity magazine to the standard 90-round magazine that comes with the package even if it'll be a heavier load.

The Year In Special Operations 2012-2013 Edition Now Online

The Year In Special Operations 2012-2013 Edition Now Online:
The Year In Special Operations 2012-2013
It's rare for someone outside the services to get his or hands on these, and the last time we had one was when Dom wrote about the magazine in 2009. The Year In Special Operations 2012-2013 can now be readily read, as learned at the SOFIC (Special Operations Forces Industry Conference), the 2012-2013 edition is available online making it even more accessible to anyone interested in Special Operations.

New from Madbull: Daniel Defense MFR now available

New from Madbull: Daniel Defense MFR now available:
Madbull have sent over details of their new Daniel Defense MFR:
Description (Introduction of product) The Daniel Defense MFR(Modular Float Rail) is a CNC Machined Modular Free Float Handguard. It is specifically designed to adequately cover a low profile gas block on a carbine or mid-length gas system barrel. The MFR has been engineered to provide each shooter with the ultimate in modular adaptability. Should the shooter desire, the tube can be run “slick” with an unitterupted top rail that runs the length of the tube. In addition, the installation of Modular Picatinny Rails is accomplished with little effort. This allows you to have rails anywhere you need them and nowhere you don’t. The slim profile feature of the MFR 12.0 keeps the shooter’s support hand close to the bore which aids in firearm manipulation, and the design and construction allow for the attachment of Picatinny Rail Sections at standard 90 degree or offset angles.

More info and Photo: http://madbull.com/ddmfr

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German GunWorks complete AKM project

German GunWorks complete AKM project:
German GunWorks have been modifying a GGW-1203:
A few weeks ago, GGW made an "Overhauling Sweep", together with the German Airsoftmagazine. Facebook users had posted pictures of their guns. After this, they have chosen one to make an overhauling. GGW wanted to show their capabilities in working over Airsoft guns, and thought, that the best way of advertising is to do something directly into the community – a priceless overhauling for a player, so that the gun is there, where it has to be… out in the field.
This job was done with the GGW-1203, which belongs to Thorsten, a German player. The GGW-1203 based upon the GHK AKM GBB rifle. After many hours of work, the result changed the rifle from a brand new Airsoft toy, to a heavy used real steel look. But take a look by your own – here are the pictures…
(German GunWorks)

M4A1 AEG Disassembly

M4A1 AEG Disassembly:
Following is photographic step-by-step disassembly of a standard M4 AEG. This is not the new recoil shock series.

This is a Tokyo Marui M4A1 rifle with upgraded metal body, so the beginning of disassembly is different from the stock plastic receiver.

First remove the lower handguard by pulling the delta ring backwards and pulling the lower handguard downwards.

Then turn over (no need to remove) the fuse assembly and disconnect the two wires connecting to the fusebox.

Now remove these two pins that holds the receivers in place. You can use an allen wrench and a small hammer if it's a little tight.

After removing the pins, start sliding the upper receiver forward, but not all the way.

This charging latch will catch on the gearbox as shown. So you need to pull the charging handle and slightly push it upwards to disengage it from the gearbox. Then you can slide the upper receiver all the way out.

Now that we have the upper receiver out, it is time to remove the gearbox. Please do not lose the bolt catch paddle, although the gun will work without it, it still adds a little realism to your gun.

Now remove the butt stock by pulling the stock lever as shown and then slide it outwards.

Now remove this screw (using allen wrench) which holds the buffer tube endcap.

Then using a phillips screwdriver remove the long screw that holds the buffer tube into the lower receiver.

And pull it out as shown.

Now to remove the motor, remove these two screws under the grip.

Once the screws are removed the grip cover will come out. Be careful not to lose the round metal plate. This is needed for the motor tension adjustment for proper meshing of gears.

Then disconnect the two wires from the motor (take note of the position of the motor and wires so you will have a guide in putting them back). Then you can pull out the motor at this point.

Then remove the two screws that holds the grip to the receiver.

Then pull out the grip from the receiver.

Remove this pin.

And use a screwdriver to remove the magazine catch latch.

And you are done, you have totally disasembled an M4 AEG.

It is just a matter of retracing back the steps to reassemble the whole gun.