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Travis Haley: Speed Reloads

G.I. Joe: Retaliation Trailer #3

Nifty Bullpup Gun Design From Airsoft Maker

Nifty Bullpup Gun Design From Airsoft Maker:
Simon had the chance to examine a prototype airsoft rifle designed by a Hong Kong airsoft manufacturer. It is not a copy of a real gun, which is unusual for the airsoft industry. The gun has some very nifty features I have not seen on a real bullpup rifle. It has an ambidextrous magazine release situation above the trigger guard to allow easy one handed access. A backup magazine release is situated in front of the magazine (in case something does wrong with the forward release linkage). The bolt release is situated on top of the buttstock but does not protrude above it.

I really like the clean lines of this rifle. It reminds me of the HS Produkt VHS, but without the inconvenient FAMAS-inspired top charging handle.

There are a lot of talented designers in Asia who turn to building replicas and airsoft guns instead of real guns because local laws do not allow them to own, let alone manufacture, the read thing. Maybe we will see innovative designs being licensed from airsoft makers to real gun makers instead of just the other way around.

Devgru Kit Build Part 1

Devgru Kit Build Part 1:
It’s a good time to be an Airsofter! With new movies, books, and the copious amounts of knock off kit and gear from China we are able to create endless amounts of guns, kits and scenarios!
With the new book No Easy Day and the movie Zero Dark 30, we are given insight and another perspective on the raid that killed Osama Bin Laden as well as the CIA’s efforts in his execution.blogairsoft1
I’m sure with the recent hype of Seal Team Six, games like Metal of Honor and newer books and movies, we will begin to see the Dev Group and Navy Seal kits rolling out!
We are going to kick our first blog off with a kit build!! Dev Group here we go!
No Easy Day
We need to start out with the combat uniform. We have purchased two uniforms recently. Both are replicas of the Crye Precision suits but each are made by different companies. TMC manufactures one while UFC manufactures the other. There are noticeable differences between the two especially in regards to the pattern, color scheme and stitching. When comparing the two we have found that the UFC version has a better quality fabric tone and pattern while the TMC has better stitching and fabric quality. Overall between the two products, I would hands down go with the UFC version. The UFC version is available at as well.
TMC GEN3 Comat Shirt
There often is the thought that different countries sizes don’t match up with American sizes due to them being made overseas. We found this to be untrue in this situation. Between myself, who is 5 foot 9 inches and my partner who is 6 foot even, we have found that the sizes are pretty close to American sizes. Both the TMC and UFC small, medium, large and extra large sizes seem match up to the sizes here in America.
As for the shirts that the two companies have to choose from, TMC only comes in Gen3 AORI Combat shirts while UFC has the Gen2 combat shirts. Based off my research, it seems that operators mostly wear the Gen2 verses the Gen3.
To create a more authentic look, we went ahead and washed both uniforms to breakdown the material to create some fading to make it look used.
TMC Washed 4
As you can see from the pictures, the uniform doesn’t look too bad. We have also added a reference picture with the real AORI made by Black Hawk Inc, the UFC and the TMC uniforms for comparison.
Well my friends, that is all for today. We will be posting something new every week about this kit build so stay tuned.
Remember to check out Products listed in this blog will be available for sale under the “blog” section.
If you would like to email us, feel free to do so at
Play safe, play responsible and most of all GO HARD!!!
This is K11 signing out!

Airsoft Finally Becomes Legal In Holland

Airsoft Finally Becomes Legal In Holland:
Dutch Flag (L)
Santa was smiling on the Dutch Players as airsoft has finally become legal in the Netherlands. But the journey hasn't been easy as it took them 8 years to work hard for this day to come. Through the efforts of J. Dekkers, the president of the Dutch Airsoft Assocation (NABV) and Slickaxe our good friend from, they have persevered to make airsoft become legal. Holland was the only country where airsoft players cannot play airsoft in Western Europe, much more in the European Union, and they had to drive to neighbouring countries to play airsoft.

G&G Airsoft // 2012 video contest vote for your favourite!

G&G Airsoft // 2012 video contest vote for your favourite!:
G&G Your Greatest Glory 2012 VIDEO CONTEST
Before 27th Dec., go and Like your favorite video on youtube!


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MADBULL // SWR suppressors are now available in the US & Asia

MADBULL // SWR suppressors are now available in the US & Asia:

SWR is a design and manufacturing company specializing and famous in suppressors and small arms development. SWR now has a proper R&D staff to develop innovative product and a manufacturing line to ensure the innovation is produced and available nationwide. Madbull licensed SWR barrel extension is compatible with a diverse range of airsoft guns. It pairs with everything from Airsoft pistols, rifles, and sniper rifles making it the most light weight, versatile, and durable barrel extension on the market. It has fully licensed trademarks and a unique design for easy disassembly and user serviceability.

- Durable one piece high tensile strength aluminum construction

- Fully Licensed Trademarks

- Light weight at only 6 oz.

- Has multi-capability for Airsoft pistol or rifle

- Easily mount
Product link:

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MP5K High Cycle AEG

December releases from Tokyo Marui!

MP5K High Cycle AEG

APS: HYBRiD Gear Box

Tier 1 Milsim: Operation Jawbreaker - High Quality (full film)

Entreprise Arms SOF1, SOF2 and SOF3 by Echo1 USA

WE Katana M4A1 Japan Version Ready

WE Katana M4A1 Japan Version Ready:

The WE M4A1 AEG with the Katana System intended for the Japanese market is now available. This means that this AEG is ready to meet the legal limits in Japan which most probaby has an energy of .8 joules or an initial muzzle velocity of around 290fps. Good for Japanese players and other countries that have lower fps limits than 1 joule.

More photos of these at Public Enemy with the photos provided for by Toy Soldier.

Daniel Defense MFR Series by Socom Gear

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German GSG-9 seen using FN SCAR-L

German GSG-9 seen using FN SCAR-L:
Earlier this month the GSG-9, Germany's famous elite counter-terrorism force, participated in a large scale joint exercise with Spezialeinsatzkommandos (SEK) squads from all over Germany. Eight hundred commandoes and 400 "hostages" participated in the exercise which lasted three days.

The below photo shows a GSG-9 officer (in the green) talking to a group of "terrorists" during the exercise. The officer is carrying a FN SCAR-L rifle. The rifle appears to be the latest generation black SCAR-L in the Standard configuration with a 14" barrel.

The GSG-9 uses a wide range or weapons including the HK 416, HK 417 and SIG 550 but this is the first time we have seen or heard of them using the FN SCAR L. FN Herstal has never sent us a press release announcing their adoption of the weapon system.

[ Many thanks to Steffen for the tip. ]