domingo, 13 de março de 2011

AEG Wizard: Burst Wizard LV

imageYou may notice a new supporter for the site with the website AEG Wizard. I thought I’d add some information about their invention.

According to their press release the Burst Wizard LV allows you to easily retrofit a burst unit to your own AEG. The simple addition allows you to tune burst fire, enforce single shot or slow down the rate of fire on an AEG. Not bad for 40USD:

AEG Burst Wizard was invented for Airsoft hobbyists who want to have more functions, fun and safety when playing the AEG games. We know most players would like to have more capabilities especially more firing modes out of their guns besides just semi-auto and full-auto modes. Up until now, adding more firing modes like the 3 round burst and sniper mode to their guns require significant rework to the gearbox assembly and certain level of skill to achieve them.


But with AEG Burst Wizard from, adding 3 round burst and other safety features to any of their AEGs can be achieved in seconds. As a matter of fact, the AEG Burst Wizard is a plug and play computer controlled MOSFET controller that instantly transforms any of their AEGs into a 3 round burst gun. But that is not all it does for hobbyists to enhance the value of their guns! Here are some of it’s other popular features that hundreds of hobbyists around the Airsoft world are talking about:

1) Sniper mode for DMR or any AEGs (1 second delay between trigger pulled)
2) ROF change from 100% down to 50% or lower for safety and mimicking the real steels
3) MOSFET soft starting to enhance the life of gearbox and motor
4) Burst mode active braking and precision burst count tuning
5) Trigger switch arcing reducer function without needing to rewire the electrical interface
6) Small size 2.2"L x 0.6"W x 0.4"H  ( 5.6 cm L x 1.5 cm W x 1 cm H)
7) Announce the battery voltage within 0.1 V accuracy. Now they know the health of the battery installed
8) Keep the full auto mode capability but has an option to disable full auto mode altogether
9) LIPO battery low voltage cut off protection to extend the useful life of their valuable battery
10) At only USD $39.99 (half the price compared to other MOSFET products)

Best Regards, Kong (AEG Wizard)

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