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Latest videos from our YouTube subscriptions: February 9, 2011

  • Bravo 65 is having another tourney!
    Check them out here:


  • Irene Adaptive Sling Review – Airsoft Pacific
    Ray Beran of the Airsoft Pacific Strike Team takes a look at the Missionspec Irene Adaptive Sling.

  • Put Raider XL back together
    This is a guide to the Ebay buyer that purchased the Raider XL. I had to break it down in order to ship it for a reasonable amount.. No more Ebay listings for me. This was an expensive lesson to learn.

  • Dexter Meadows Knee and Elbow Pads Review by Dr. Airsoft
    Dr. Airsoft of Airsoft Medicine presents a Practical Testing Review of Dexter Meadows knee and elbow pads. You can find these at www.specialopskneepads.com. See more information on airsoft protective gear at www.airsoftmedicine.com

  • SKD Tactical & Fire-Support Unboxing – Pt 2


    SKD Tactical:


  • SKD Tactical & Fire-Support Unboxing – Pt 1
    SKD TAC:




    Looking at the Blue Force Gear 10-Speed pouches for SR25 (and various other 7.61×51mm style) magazines, and a bit in to the TT 7.62 NATO shingles.

  • シップシミュレータ エクストリームズ
    株式会社オーバーランド(http://www.overland.co.jp/)は2011年2月8日、WindowsPC用操船シミュレーションゲーム、『シップシミュレータ エクストリームズ(日本語マニュアル付き英語版)』をリリースした。

  • Nutnfancy SHOT Show 2011: "Savage, Scared of No One"
    This booth review livens up a lot when Savage host Bill lays down some smack talk on his products’ accuracy. Now we’re talking! Don’t get me wrong: I think he speaks truth and they have the trophies to prove it. And I like it when manufacturers brag about the capabilities of their guns even when it’s in the reputable and proven company of Sako, Remington, AI, Desert Tactical Arms, Marlin, McMillan, Browning, Ruger, and others. But I believe the Savage formula for accuracy indeed works and they spend time with the components that count. In many of their models, you will get a lot of gun for the money. The Model 10 in all its LE forms still sets great standards in value while having excellent accuracy, a great trigger, and good stock offerings. In this short booth review we discuss that rifle a bit then move on to some F-Class offerings, the 110BA, 10BA, the value-setting Axis rifle, some Stevens shotguns (Ithaca design), and a few rimfires. Short, sweet, to the point. Oh yeah: and Savage ain’t scared of no one. Bring it!

  • Echo1 USA M240B Bravo Quick Review by Tactical Airsoft Supply’s Rad
    Echo1 USA M240B Bravo Quick Review by Tactical Airsoft Supply’s Rad

  • Airsoft GI – Valentine’s Day Gift for your Man
    Bob’s internal monologue…it’s weird being inside Bob’s head…

  • "Origins of Skyline" by Nutnfancy
    Meet Tommie Lucas, in-house knife designer, Kershaw. He’s the guy that came up with the home run EDC knife, the Skyline. Light, fast, affordable, and perfectly sized, the Kershaw Skyline continues to be a great seller for the company for good reason. //////////////////////// Music licensed to TNP from Jaspertine.

  • Airsoft GI – Boarding Operations with Integrity Tactical Solutions in Chula Vista
    Bob had a great time playing airsoft a new field in San Diego County. We are definitely making another trip back because this place is AWESOME!

  • TSD CO2 BlowBack 1911 Airsoft Pistol Unboxing
    Buy it here: http://www.airsoftstation.com/tsd-tactical-601-co2-blowback-m1911–metal-slide-450–fps–bbw.html
    DCA Forums: http://www.deathcoreairsoft.com/

  • Combat Medical Systems MOJO LE Trauma Kits by U.S. Cavalry
    Find these items at:



    Gameday: February 5, 2011


    CQB City
    Stockton, California


    Most notable weapon of the day was actually a Snow Wolf M99 sniper rifle. A bit of an over kill for a close quarter field but the shooter was able to get a couple of well placed shots.


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    Remember to Play Hard, Fight Hard

    …What is this ? あるもののテスト動画です

  • Combative Edge M1: "Thin, Fast Fighter" by Nutnfancy
    The Combative Edge M1 is a big blade. But it’s a fighting blade and maybe that’s what the loadout calls for. From the outset, this new blade is designed as a folding fighting knife, pure and simple. If you haven’t heard of Combative Edge blades, don’t worry. That’s my job and this video will change that. Designer Rob Walker’s M1 gets many things right which is impressive for a first design. It’s fast in deployment and you can choose either the well-designed thumbstuds or the flipper. The phoshor bronze bushings and excellent overall balance of the blade provide this amazing speed for such a large slab of steel. Lockup is solid and wiggle-free in this titanium framelock. In some tough cardboard testing some loosening was noted but it tightened up again with a little work on the pivot screw and Lock-Tite. The blade shape is organic and cuts aggressively. Tip is strong and the N690 steel holds an edge well, has excellent rust resistance, and sharpens easy enough. Very VG10-like. For me this M1’s blade is a bit thick at about 4mm. That probably accounts for the knife’s 5.3 ounce carry weight. But for a blade of this size, it’s still reasonable. The blackened loop pocket clip reverses for tip-up or down (not ambi however) and carries deeply. The CE M1 also has some impressive ergos: deep finger choil and an effective guard and whadda’ know, the finger ridges (jimping) on the knife in all sections are outstanding. Despite the knife’s welcome thinness, the M1 rides very securely in hand and is up for the tactical role. Other upsides: overtravel stop to prevent lock hyper-extension, an angled striking pommel, large lanyard hole, aggressive G10 scale that lacks unnecessary steel liner, perfect blade centering, and great looks. Downsides might include the radiused locking bar that makes disengagement a bit more time consuming, light blade retention, and the pocket clip is somewhat slick in retention (you have to be careful in this as too much retention is even worse!). Value is moderate at around $170 using Nutnfancy coupon code. This isn’t cheap and I would like to see the price come down more in order to get this great knife into more hands. However the M1 is pretty much firing on all cylinders in this version and is a serious tactical, hard-use folder that will both impress your friends and any bad guy dumb enough to go up against it. //////////////////////// Nutnfancy Likability Scale: 8 out of 10 (If $125, then 9 out of 10) /////////////////// Music: Licensed for use by TNP from DoKashiteru

  • Cactus Hobbies Premium Airsoft Mask Test
    Testing the airsoft masks at 380fps with a Jing Gong M4A1 AEG. The tests have been conducted at 7 metres and pointblank ranges.

  • S.V.G UNLIMITTED vol.2!! ダイジェスト
    2010年10月17日開催されたFIRST 主催のサバイバルゲームイベント
    「S.V.G. UNLIMITTED vol2」ダイジェストでイベント風景をご紹介。

  • Airsoft GI – Madbull Dragonfire RIS Installation Instructional Video

    The Dragon Fire rails by Madbull look good, are cost effective, and easy to install. Watch Frank as he goes over each step of the installation process.

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