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Real Sword SVD Full Metal Wood AEG Airsoft Sniper Rifle - Best Sniper Rifle on the Market

Reviewer: SirCaleb
Rank: COL
Location: Redding, CA
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Now I am going to make this as brief as possible without leaving out any of the juicy details. First of all the gun feels nice in your hands. There is something to be said of solid construction with this particular gun. Real Sword engineers worked hard to put in a special steel not only on the gear box but for the body as well to give the consumer the utmost in value.

Secondly, the gearbox for this gun is a beast. Highly durable and Real Sword did something with this gun that hasn't been done before. You will notice this gun is upgradeable to be capable of working a m175 spring. Now AEG enthusiasts would be drooling over that kind of power, but it is only this rifle that can do it stock. The way they have accomplished it is through a 4th gear in the gearbox alleviating much stress from the gears making it possible to operate and pull reliably much stronger springs.

It also has a 690mm barrel. For sniper rifles, this means longer range, higher compression for greater consistency on the BB for more accurate shots, and higher velocity.

It is also semi automatic. Keep in mind, other SVD's have been released by other companies, but none of them have been electric; they were all spring. As a sniper fanatic myself, I can tell you that sometimes you just happen to miss the first shot. With this gun, you won't have a big problem with that as you will be ready for the next shot as fast as you can pull the trigger.

The only fault I find with this rifle is the battery choices. It takes an AK stick type. Now, I will admit, I do not like stick batteries. I have owned several of them and have not had good results. I found them to be fragile, they lose their charge very quickly, and a pain to put into the gun.

This gun -

For simplicity, I will sum up the characteristics of this gun on a 1-10 rating for the following attributes.

Velocity: 10
Accuracy: 10
Battery Options: 6
Aesthetics (How it looks): 10
Feel: 10 (No wobbles or creaks; solid construction)
Reliability: 10 (solid construction, should you have a problem though RS does have service centers where I have received nothing but fantastic support. In the unlikely and unfortunate case something should go wrong, they have your back.)
Accessories: 10 (doesn't come with any, as standard with rifle sales, but it has the real rails that an SVD has and you can actually mount the SVD scope on it, as well as some AK scopes.)

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