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New S-Thunder product: "short & long" barrel shocker grenade

S-Thunder have launched a new shocker grenade:

imageS-Thunder is pleased to announce the launch of its new "Short & Long Barrel" M203 Style Airsoft / Paintball Shocker Grenades.  Able to fit in S-Thunder’s new line of grenade launchers and other standard 40 mm grenade launchers, S-Thunder’s M203 style Short Barrel Shocker Grenade Shell offers players a grenade shell that is light, compact and easy to carry in the field while the Long Barrel Shocker Grenade Shell increases the payload of standard M203 style grenade shells allowing players to fire a larger payload of projectiles, be it bb’s, paintballs, pepperballs, paint or smoke powder.

imageAs per S-Thunder’s standard length M203 style Shocker Grenade Shell, S-Thunder’s new Short Barrel Grenade Shell and Long Barrel Grenade Shell are able to use a variety of gas propellents used in Airsoft & Paintball milsim applications.

S-Thunder Short Barrel Grenade specifications are as follows,

- sold in packages of two (2)

- Size : 4 cm diameter, 5.5 cm cm tall

- Filler : BB pellets, Paintballs, Pepperballs, Rubber Pellets, Smoke / Colored Powder, Water

- Filler Volume : 17 BB pellets, 3 x 11mm Paintballs, 1 x 17mm Paintballs

- Sound Volume : 78 – 110 dB

- Effective Distance : 20 – 30 m

S-Thunder Long Barrel Grenade Specifications are as follows,

- Size : 4 cm diameter, 18 cm tall

- Filler : BB pellets, Paintballs, Pepperballs, Rubber Pellets, Smoke / Colored Powder, Water

- Filler Volume : 110 BB pellets, 10 x 11mm Paintballs, 5 x 17mm Paintballs

- Sound Volume : 90 – 110 dB

- Effective Distance : 20 – 30 m

image[9]Commenting on the introduction of S-Thunder’s Long Barrel Shocker Grenade, S-Thunder’s Director of Business Development, Yu-Hon Li mentions that "S-Thunder’s new long barrel grenade significantly increases the payload capacity of the standard M203 style 40mm milsim grenade.  Like its sibling, the standard length M203 style Shocker grenade, the long barrel grenade is one of the loudest milsim grenades in the world – able to scare or stun opponents with a loud sounding bang and capable of firing a wide range of payloads and compatible with all gas propellents in the marketplace…".

Regarding the short barrel grenade, Yu-Hon states that "…the Short Barrel Shocker Grenade was developed to offer players a ‘light weight’ M203 40mm milsim grenade alternative.  Our market research indicated that many grenadiers found that carrying a number of standard length M203 grenades greatly increased their payload weights and preferred a light weight grenade that can be used in close proximity applications in Woodsball / Scenario / Skirmish and CQB situations to clear out small areas and the S-Thunder Short Barrel Grenade provides and effective alternative and solution for milsim players that want to carry a lighter payload…". (S-Thunder)

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