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SOCOM Gear Noveske N4 7" RAS AEG

SOCOM Gear Noveske N4 7" RAS

It is now available to those waiting for something like this to come out. Just check the SOCOM Gear page for more information... "The SOCOM Gear Full Metal M4 Noveske 7in AEG is an excellent high end CQB AEG. The body and barrel are made from aluminum. The pistol grip is thinner to emulate a real gun's pistol grip. The battery and wires are cleverly hidden in the adjustable crane stock. The Noveske 7n free float rail system is also made from aluminum and provides a lightweight but sturdy platform for mounting accessories like vertical grips and flashlights. The charging handle, bolt catch/release, function just like the real thing. The officially licensed Noveske KX3 flash hider add a nice flush look to the front of the AEG.


  • Muzzle Velocity: 340-360FPS

  • Magazine Capacity: 118 rounds

  • Package Includes: gun, magazine, kx3 flash hider

  • Battery and charger are not included


  • Deep trademark stamping

  • Aluminum Construction

  • Officially Licensed

  • Functional Charging Handle

  • Functional Bolt Catch

  • Thin Pistol Grip

  • Crane Stock

  • One Piece Hop Up"

Czech ZB26 Light Machine Gun

Czech ZB26 Prototype 01

RedWolf Airsoft have posted photos of a prototype or a pre-production version of the Czech ZB26 light machine gun. While it can be considered already a period gun since it was first put into service in 1928, the ZB26 has seen various action in major conflicts from World War II up to the Vietnam War and can still be in the arsenal of former Warsaw Pact and communist countries. This is one of the discussed period guns that airsoft players and collectors would look forward to having an airsoft version. And one company is about to answer their prayers. Now what company? It could be ARES Airsoft, SHOEI, or even SRC, as they are known to have produced period guns. But RedWolf Airsoft would like to leave you guessing for now.

More photos below:

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G&P M7A1-T

G&P nous présente une énième déclinaison d’inspiration M7A1, basée sur un corps métal type Troy (MUR) ainsi qu’un front set M7A1-T qui devrait être rapidement disponible en spare. Pour le reste, toujours du classique pour cette gamme : cache flammes Skull Frog, organes de visée repliables type Troy BUIS, grip Stubby Raider et buttstock. Pas d’infos sur le prix ou la date de mise sur le marché.

G&P M7A1-T (Fiche)
Magazine Capacity: 130
Length: 640mm / 720mm
Weight: 2900g
Built Material: Metal & ABS
Inner Barrel Length: 200mm
Gearbox: 8mm Bearing Gearbox
Motor: G&P M120 Hi-Speed
Battery: Advise using 7.2v or 8.4v Battery
-Troy Type Metal Body (MUR) (GP879)
-M7A1-T Front Set
-CQB Flashider (Skull Frog) (Clockwise) (GP870C)
-M16 Magazine (130rds) (GP094)
-TD M16 Grip with Heat Sink End Set (Black) (GP711B)
-Stubby Raider Foregrip (Black) (GP887B)
-AEG Mod Buttstock (Black) (GP915B)
-M4 Trigger Guard (CNC Process) (GP836)
-Troy Style BUIS Set (A) (GP898)
-Extended Stock Dual Sling Mount (GP878)
-RAS Slim Rail Cover (Black) (GP413)

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