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Tokyo Marui Night Warrior Combat Custom

Tokyo Marui has officially released their latest airsoft handgun, the Night Warrior Combat Custom which is a hi-kick, hi-grouping gas blowback. The handgrip is designed to provice a camouflage effect with light and dark shades; large white dots for the front and rear sights for better sighting; and 20mm rail for mounting lighting or laser. Priced at US$172.70 tax not included, check with your retailer when they're going to have this in stock.

VFC New Website Design

Been quite a while since we saw some definite updates from VFC apart from their movement to their new offices. I guess in line with their new office, a new design for their website was also proper. You can check their website and learn more about their latest releases such as the M4 GBB-R and the upcoming products such as the MK18 Mod 1 AEG, MP7 suppressor and the M18/15 Gas Charger.

domingo, 30 de maio de 2010

Jing Gong RK-74 (RPK-74) Blowback AEG due September 2010

According to Hong Kong based retail store COP9GUN.COM, Jing Gong is going to release in September 2010, an RK-74 Blowback AEG which is of course based on the 7.62×39mm light machine gun of Soviet design, the RPK-74. Featuring a, now all the rage, blowback system, the JG RK-74 will be all steel and wood construction and features JG’s popular EG22000 high performance motor and 7mm gearbox bushings combination. Release date is September 2010 and no price available at this stage.

Jing Gong RPK-74 Blowback AEG

This article, Jing Gong RK-74 (RPK-74) Blowback AEG due September 2010, was originally published by Everything Airsoft. Copyright 2010

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sábado, 29 de maio de 2010 BiovalBBB Update

We now stock the Bioval Bio BBs in 0,40g. See here:
Until now in Europe it is hard to find the Bioval BBB's in 0,40gr, Begadi has them in stock for you! Also some full metal target BBB's are in stock at the moment, they come in 0.30gr and 0.80gr.

Begadi BIOVALBBB 0.40


Bioval BBB Metal

sexta-feira, 28 de maio de 2010

Get Al Pacino's "Heat" Gun with the G&G GF76-S

RedWolf Airsoft offers you this G&G product that Al Pacino used in the moviet HEAT... "G&G joins the club, a small but proud little niche of Airsoft recreating this classic contemporary assault rifle. An all-metal weapon (with the exception of the polymer handguard), this weapon features fairly realistic properties.

The real steel comes in at about 3.8 kg (8.4 lbs) and 35/26 inches long (stock extended/folded), this piece is only a couple of inches off and a hundred grams or so heavy not to mention a magazine that is fractions of an inch off the real thing. The fire selector grouping includes both a full auto and 3-round burst position but this is only an aesthetic replication of the real steal, this weapons burst setting is just another full auto selector position.

Front wired, the interior cavity of the handguard snugly secures a small 8.4v on one side; a nunchuck style battery could easily be accommodated by straddling the cross-connect wire under the outer barrel storing the dual-stick battery symmetrically inside the foreguard. We did test, it will not fit an AK type stick 9.6v as the battery is just a little bit too long but there is theoretically enough space for 3 and a half cells on each side so you could accommodate two 8.4v batteries (or some nutty custom 16.8v for that matter). Furthermore, the capacious interior could more then likely fit the smaller sized LiPo batteries although exactly which ones you should probably check with us (as LiPo batteries come a broad variety of shapes and sizes).

Not including a battery, on 8.4v it shoots at a modest rate of fire and about normal on a 9.6v making it perform pretty benchmark medium out of the box but at 365 fps its power is certainly good enough to handle out ranges. That said, the internals are modifiable so custom work for custom performance is certainly possible. The weapon accepts standard STANAG type M16 magazines so purchasing additional ones will be easy as it gets.

The G&G GF-76 comes in different barrel length variants."

quinta-feira, 27 de maio de 2010

King Arms Knight’s SR-16 E3 CQB Carbine

Petite nouveauté annoncée aujourd’hui par King Arms, avec ce Knight’s SR-16 E3 CQB Carbine. En bref : poids 2.90kg, longueur 72-80cm, canon 26.7cm, vélocité 320-340fps, matériaux aluminium / fibre de nylon, batterie conseillée 1600 mAh type crane, système URX free-float, organes de visée repliables et marquages laser. Pas d’info sur le prix.

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Airsoft Innovations Tornado Impact Grenade on sale now

Here is the latest news from Airsoft Innovations:

The Airsoft Innovations Tornado Impact Grenade is now available for purchase through your favorite retailer. Visit our website for more details about the ONE INCH PUNCH! We’re really excited with the launch of this new product, we hope it adds an awesome new dimension to your game.


Here is a demonstration of the Tornado Impact Grenade in action:


Cheers, Chris and Carl (Airsoft Innovations)

Viper Tech XM177-E2 Gas Blow Back Rifle

Nifty XM177 Gas Blowback rifle under the Viper Tech brand which gets its same pedigree from Inokatsu, which also means a pricey pedigree as it's available at eHobby Asia for US$650.00 and you can use WA M4 GBB magazines with it too... "Extremely robust VIPER AR-15 Series Gas Blow Back - 2010 VERSION! Viper is OEM factory of Inokatsu M4 GBBR to provide same level supreme craftsmanship & Top Notch finishing. As solid & robust gun as a real steel.


  • High Quality CNC Machined Forged Aluminum Receiver

  • Real M16A1 Type Body (without marking)

  • M16A2 Type Carry Handle

  • 9.5inch XM177 One-Piece Outer Barrel

  • XM177E2 Type Steel Flash Hider

  • Functional STEEL Bolt Carrier

  • Full Size Solid Fixed Stock

  1. Includes 50 Rounds Gas Operated Metal Magazine (We recommend to use with ProWin / WA / G&P Gas Operated Magazine 'SOLD SEPARATELY' to operate the best performance of this lovely baby)

  2. You can even take RED GAS on it to enjoy the True Recoil (VIPER TECH suggested no more than 12kg power gas)

  3. Real Measurement 14mm Clockwise barrel extension tube

  4. Sling mount can be installed with single, 2- or 3- point tactical sling"

WE Type 91 Airsoft Gas Blowback Rifle

Nice thing about the WE is that they're going for a good variety of gas blowback rifles, even though they're still stuck with M4/AR-15 variants for their line up. Now the latest addition which is available at Airsoft Panda is the T91 Gas Blowback Rifle which is the Taiwan developed rifle and based on the AR-18. It's still the same WE M4 magazine that you can use with, so no need to worry about a new set of magazines to purchase. You can get one for yourself for US$258.00.

quarta-feira, 26 de maio de 2010

Inokatsu join Cybergun

Gael at image[6]Cybergun has written to elt us know that Inokatsu have joined Cybergun:

Hi There, I’m Gael, Event manager and buyer for Cybergun in France. I send you this mail to inform you that since yesterday, Inokatsu, the master of Hi-end products has joined the Cybergun Group. In few months, Inokatsu products will be in Cybergun’s catalogue.



MDS video: KWG – Full metal M9 GBB pistol (full marking)

Massive Defense Shop have a video of their latest product, the KWG full metal M9 GBB pistol:

Hi, A new manufacturer – KWG produced a full metal US marine M9 pistol. We’ve made this video for a simple review of this pistol.


Product info

Thanks & Regards, Jackson (Massive Defense Shop)

terça-feira, 25 de maio de 2010

ARES: Posters gamme M14 AEG et organes de visée

Deux nouveaux posters de la part d’ARES qui ne chôme pas ces derniers temps, avec d’un côté une série complète de M14 AEG et de l’autre dans la gamme Shooter un lot d’organes de visée de tous types. Pas d’infos sur les prix.

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JG M4 GBB’s at eHobbyAsia

eHobbyAsia have some exciting news:

HOT! omg omg omg!!!!…. We have acquire a few boxs of JG M4 GBB’s. Please note, this is NOT a re-release! So for those of you that understand what this opportunity is. Gett’em while you still can! And forgive me if I liberate one myself.

jg-gbb-mc6604_1_mark.jpgJing Gong M4A1 Gas Blow Back Rifle.

  • Light Weight Version (500g lighter than others GBB M4A1)

  • Functional Metal Bolt Carrier

  • Enjoy the Gas Blow Back M4 with low price!!

  • Replica of WA M4 Gas Blowback Mechanism

  • Light Weight Body & Magazine Construction (With Marking)

  • Over 400FPS Velocity Muzzle

  • Functional Metal Bolt Carrier – bolt stops when magazine is empty just like a real steel

  • Extendable Stock

  • jg-gbb-mc6604_5_mark.jpgLight Weighted Metal Gas Operated Magazine

  • 50 round loading capacity (Compatible with Wa type M4 Gas Magazine)

  • Detachable carry handle reveals a weaver rail (20mm) for any scope or red dot sight

  • Adjustable HOPUP

  • Aluminum Made 14mm Counter-Clockwise Flash Hider

  • Sling mount can be installed with any single, 2- or 3- point tactical sling

Also available for a limited time only, but again, NOT a re-release.

ARMY R85A1 Blow Back Airsoft AEG & Jing Gong SR-25K Full Metal Airsoft AEG


One still has hope that these models will someday return to production. But latterly it seems there could be a greater chance that these are the last of their lines.


Redwolf TV Updates – Magpul FPG and SYSTEMA PTW

Arclight, (Redwolf Airsoft) has sent over two new videos from the Redwolf TV crew:

Hello there, We’ve been very busy over the last few months juggling a variety of changes in the Redwolf office, we are now trying to get back on to our regular habit of disseminating our latest works of interest. In particular, here we have links to a few YouTube videos.

First up, we have the Adventures of Agent A has he puts his issued FPG to good use against nefarious characters.


Also, we have taken a brief but discerning look at the SYSTEMA PTW system to shed some light on a system that would seem to be unknown to many Airsofters.


We shall endeavour to keep the community updated with our latest works promptly after they are published.

Sincerest regards, Arclight, (Redwolf Airsoft)

Cidasoft Airsoft Grenade Video Review

Micha sent in a heads up to us about an airsoft video review of the Cidasoft grenade done by CrazyNCman of Airsoft Answers. We missed this one out as we're taking too much time watching online porn (kidding). crazyNCman emphasizes on the strength of the Cidasoft grenade which is the use of available household items, which you can find mainly in the kitchen. Just make sure you inform your mum you used up the baking soda and other cooking stuff.



Western Arms MAJ 25.05.2010

Comme à chaque fin de mois ou presque, un petit message de la part de Western Arms qui nous éblouit avec une nouvelle série d’éditions limitées dans ses différentes gammes GBB :  M4A1, 1911, Infinity, Beretta … A noter cette fois-ci deux M4 en version Sniper avec garde-main free float,  le Nighthawk Predator, V10 Ultra-Compact ou encore le sympathique Infinity Spike. Comme toujours, ces derniers seront disponibles au compte goutte en Asie … difficile donc de se les procurer depuis la France !

Western Arms M4 Super Version « Sniper » Black (780€)

Western Arms M4 Super Version « Sniper » Foliage Green (780€)

Western Arms Nighthawk Predator (290€)

Western Arms M1911 A2 Socom Black (282€)

Western Arms M1911 A2 Socom Foliage Green (282€)

Western Arms M9A1 Foliage Green (180€)

Western Arms Springfield V10 Ultra Compact Carbon Black HW (282€)

Western Arms Springfield V10 Ultra Compact Silver (260€)

Western Arms Colt National Match « Gold Cup » Blued (298€)

Western Arms SV Infinity SSC Pink (282€)

Western Arms SV Infinity SSC Black (282€)

Western Arms SV Infinity « Spike » (306€)

Western Arms Colt MK IV Serie 80 (282€)

Western Arms Colt Combat Commander (282€)

Western Arms Colt Commander « Eagle » (242€)

Western Arms S&W 40 Tactical (194€)

Nighthawk Predator

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ARES H&K G36 Series sous licence Umarex

Nous avons donc la confirmation que les G36 Umarex dévoilés vendredi par eHobby Asia, disposant entre autres d’un recoil engine ( effet blowback ) et de marquages officiels H&K, sont en fait la nouvelle version des G36 ARES annoncée sur Airsoftnews en septembre. Ce rajeunissement a un fort impact sur le prix, celui-ci double en moyenne sur toutes les versions, même si elles se positionnent en concurrence vis à vis du Marui qui flirte avec les 480$ ! Comptez en effet $274 pour le G36C, $337 pour le G36K et $374 pour le G36 sur WGC.

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Once again Magpul Revolutionizes the Way We Do Things!

Once again Magpul revolutionizes the way we do things. The old days of getting frustrated, sore fingers, and time consuming pouch rigging are over now that Magpul have streamlined the process with their speed threader, watch and learn.


RA-Tech : Test des G&G G2010, GF76 et G96 en vidéo

RA-Tech nous propose un test vidéo des dernières répliques tout juste sorties du côté de G&G, à savoir le FN2000 (référencé  G2010) et le FNC (GF76), ainsi que le L96 sniper (G96) sorti pour sa part un peu plus tôt. A visionner ci-dessous.


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YouTube Subscription Update – 23 May 2010

Here’s all the latest YouTube updates on out subscriptions:

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New Videos from 0ddba11s

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