sexta-feira, 23 de abril de 2010

SOCOM Gear Daniel Defense M16 Omega

One of the new SOCOM Gear items now available at RedWolf Airsoft... "The M4 is an infamous weapon to the Airsoft scene and yet remains the mainstay go-to gun for many milsim enthusiasts for a weapon that is iconic, modifiable and functional as it is wildly prolific. It takes the form of the world famous M4 carbine, the real steel variant taking the world by storm ever since its original inception in the 60s; making use of the 5.56mm round, it became the chief carbine variant for the Armalite family of weapons and see?s use in many armed forces all around the world.

Love them or hate them, no Airsofter can argue for lack of accessory and modification options for the M4; it is generally considered to be the most modifiable AEG ever made with internal and external alteration options that boggle the mind. From 2 inch barrel SBRs to 20 inch barrel DMRs, from short midcap mag fed CQB to electric drum feeding, from high powered precision to high volume plastic storm guns, the M4 weapon is a platform for building pretty much anything your imagination can conceive.

SOCOM GEAR puts to use the classic Version 2 gearbox in their M4, making these weapons as modifiable as any other but enjoys a pre-built quality and performance status giving you a great weapon out of the box. Clocking in at 400 FPS, featuring a 12 inch Daniel Defense Omega-X rail system, licensed Noveske flashider and caked in licensed realistic markings, this M4 is a full service skirmish carbine right out of the box."

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