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King Arms New Range of Smith & Wesson M&P15 AEG’s

King Arms is expanding their range of Smith & Wesson Military & Police M&P15 line of AEGs. King Arms first M&P rifle was the M&P15 MOE Flat Dark Earth, they are now complimenting it with the M&P15T, M&P15X and M&P15PSX.

First is the M&P15T, S&W’s 16" barrelled version with it’s 10" free-float Modular Rail Foreend (MRF), unfortunately King Arms, in it’s version, cuts it short with a 14" barrel but all other features appear to be faithfully replicated such as the front and rear Troy style Folding Battle Sights and supplied rail covers. FPS is around the 320-240 mark.

King Arms S&W M&P15T AEG


Next is the M&P15X, S&W’s 16" barrelled version with it’s new drop-in Tactical Rail Handguard and A2 front sight. King Arms has expressed creative freedom and fitted its version with a carbine length 10.5" barrel but all other features are faithfully replicated such as the Troy style rear Folding Battle Sight. FPS  is 320-340.

King Arms S&W M&P15X AEG


Lastly is the M&P15PSX, S&W’s Gas Piston version of the M&P15, like the M&P15T King Arms version is shy of 2 inches in the barrel department. The Gas Piston is replicated albeit with a bastardized integrated front sight and includes the Troy style rear Folding Battle Sight. FPS is 320-240.

King Arms S&W M&P15PSX AEG


I’m not normally a stickler for realism but King Arms has used the model nomenclature of the real steel line of M&P15’s so it’s puzzling why they strayed from the features. All the AEG’s have fully licensed S&W trademarks faithfully replicated in all the right places and each model has a unique serial number. Hop-up is adjustable from the bolt locked back which features a realistic bolt release. All models come with a PEQ-15 battery box. No price or date yet.

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Inokatsu Announces ‘Super Version’ M16VN and XM-177 GBB’s for 2010

Inokatsu has announced that for 2010 it will be adding to it’s ‘Super Version’ line a couple of Vietnam era gas blowback rifles. More specifically, they will be recreating the always popular XM-177 SMG Commando and the Vietnam era M16A1 rifle.

Judging from the promotional posters, attention has been paid to detail such as the non-tapered delta ring and the teardrop shaped forward assist on both models. The finish also appears to be artificially worn including the plastic furniture which adds to the look in spades. My only criticism is the designation of XM-177, the presence of the forward assist on the pics means it’s a XM-177E1.

Everybody seems to be jumping on the Vietnam era bandwagon at the moment with models coming from Viper, WETTI and G&P’s Bomber line but if the posters are any indication, I’d say Inokatsu has hit this one out of the park. 

Inokatsu M16A1 Vietnam GBB Inokatsu XM-177 SMG Commando

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Inokatsu Continues The Tradition of Girls And Guns, And Doesn’t Disappoint [ NSFW ]

Inokatsu has a history of draping it’s guns in gorgeous scantily clad women or is it the other way round, draping it’s scantily clad women in guns. Either way, nobody’s complaining as Inokatsu releases a new round of promotional posters featuring Inokatsu’s range of 2010 WA M4 accessories and upgrades.

I’d link to the product pages but to be honest, the Inokatsu website is a navigational mess and all the information and specs available are only on the below posters. In some workplaces these may be NSFW, so proceed with caution. Enjoy. )

Inokatsu MW02 M4 Barrel Set Inokatsu MW04 M4 Sliding Buttstock Set Inokatsu MW06 M4 Fire Control System Inokatsu MW07 WA M4 Forging Receiver Set Inokatsu MW08 Super Bolt Inokatsu WA M4 RAS Rail System Set

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Product Review - WE AWSS SCAR-L GBB Airsoft Rifle (Part 1)

Product update from Rhino Airsoft

Here is the latest news from Rhino Airsoft:

Dear Arnies, Just a few updates.

The Magpul PTS PMAG-M Version and EMAG is now available at Rhino Airsoft.  There are 3 colours of the PMAG-M Version:  BK/DE/FG and EMAG comes with black colour.
Magpul PTS PMAG M Version (Mid Cap 120 Rounds) – BK/DE/FG
Magpul PTS EMAG (Mid Cap 120 Rounds) – BK

Well, maybe this news is not too exciting because pre-order has already taken for a week.  However, we would also like to announce that we will start ship the Magpul FPG this week, for those who already ordered on, you will get it very soon.  For those who didn’t place order yet, please do it asap if you really love it.  The first batch is really limited in supply.

Rhino also got the chance to have a field test of the FPG and we have taken a few video to share with you guys.

Shooting with FPG

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1XSmALoDVmE&hl=en]

Unfolding the FPG

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8WgnC8lzS7Y&hl=en]

For more action on unfolding the FPG, you can go to Rhino Youtube Channel at http://www.youtube.com/rhinoairsoft1

Last but not least, after supplying the RMW RPG-7B to Japan market in lasts year, it is now returned.  The new batch of RMW RPG-7B is now available in limited supply.  here is the photo of the finish product.


(Rhino Airsoft)

ACM Anti Material Rifle (AA0901)

A voir du côté de RSOV un clone made in China de l’Anti-material rifle Marushin. A noter que contrairement à l’original en 8mm, la copie est chambrée en 6mm standard. Vélocité aux alentours de 350fps pour ce bolt manuel. Prix 64€ sur RSOV.

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KSC réédite son M9 U.S. 9mm

Suite à de nombreuses demandes KSC vient d’annoncer une réédition de son M9 avec marquages U.S. 9 mm ! Dispo prochainement au prix de 19,425¥ soit environ 156€.

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ICS: Holster MS-36

Petite nouveauté chez ICS qui nous présente sur son site web fraichement refait un holster universel de cuisse, qui devrait pouvoir accueillir la majorité des répliques sur le marché ainsi que deux chargeurs supplémentaires. Pas de prix pour l’instant.

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In un momento in cui i prodotti destinati al Soft Air sono prevalentemente di produzione orientale, in particolare cinese, fa impressione sapere che vi è un’azienda italiana, la prima nel nostro Paese, impegnata nella produzione di articoli destinati al Soft Air.

Il nome di questa azienda è Sniper.Mk ed oggi testeremo, in anteprima assoluta, i suoi nuovi silenziatori PBS-1.

MIC MP5A5 Gas Blowback Part 2 Video from MDS

Another Halloween video, eerrr, MP5A5 video from Massive Defense Shop, featuing part 2 of the MP5A5 gas blowback sub-machine airsoft gun. This one is fully kitted out with rail mounts for red dot sight, rail covers, and a tactical light. Looks good in the video, so let's try to know from them what they have installed to make it look this mean, and add it to your budget if you intend to get one. We hope MDS is reading this to give us the list.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Em8BSD3ky1s&hl=en_GB&fs=1&]­

AEX Tech Tips Video Series

Good thing for these types of videos coming from Airsoft Extreme which serves as a win-win thing for them and their customers: AEX lessens its costs in repairing products sent to them under warranty, and their customers which get to learn something about fixing stuff especially when warranty expires. So check the videos out starting with the how to fix AEG electrical problems.

"Airsoft Extreme is excited to announce our new web video series "AEX TEch Tips"! In this series we will give you tricks of the trade as our trained technicians step you through repairs, upgrades and customizations ranging from the very simple to the complex. Click the image to visit our YouTube channel and keep your eyes out for more upcoming episodes!"

Click on the video below to go to the channel actually. Enjoy!

­[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XP5IvmcCUHk&hl=en_GB&fs=1&]

King Arms : Gamme S&W M&P15T

King Arms dévoile aujourd’hui trois nouvelles déclinaisons de son M&P15 sous licence officielle Smith & Wesson : les M&P15T Rifle, M&P15 PSX et M&P15X Carbine.

King Arms S&W M&P15T Rifle

King Arms S&W M&P15 PSX

King Arms S&W M&P15X Carbine


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