terça-feira, 26 de janeiro de 2010

ICS Full Metal Vertical Foregrip - Great Grip

Reviewer: GhostAssassin
Rank: PVT
Location: Cary, NC
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This Grip is really one of the best i have used. My friend has one of the folding grips and it always shakes. This grip is well Worth the Money and I would really recommend it. When i first was looking at buying this i was Thinking that the Foam was Not Going to be helpful and if My hand Got wet Or sweaty then my hand would slip off. When i Got it I was Very Happy to find that it was not only Great quality foam but it was a durable grip.

When You are putting the grip on your gun you first have to unscrew the bottom to loosen it so that it can slide on.

-all Metal and Foam
-fits all rails
-Good weight

-There is a little metal ring at the end of the screw that can get lost if you play around with it too much.

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