sexta-feira, 31 de dezembro de 2010

Representatives of Major Firearms and Tactical Gear Companies on the move against Illegal Replicas

Our informant Jason has breaking news from Hong Kong where 5.11 Tactical and Surefire representatives brought customs police and government agents to raid many retailers in Kwong Wa Street, which is recognized as the famous "airsoft district" in Hong Kong.

Few retailers carried illegal replicas of Surefire and 5.11 products, these retailers are facing huge penalties and possible jail time.
We don't know who is leading the continued raids, but we are guessing this is part of "campaign", if you will, operated by more than a dozen US based firearm and tactical gear companies.

Jason has also informed us that many of the Hong Kong based online retailers are know facing serious Trademark, Tradedress, and copyright problems.

Some may have noticed that a few of these online retailers have already unlisted all illegal replicas. Other Airsoft manufacturers in Hong Kong may face serious problems being associated with such illegal replicas.

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